why do lawnmower motors die

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Jaybrown, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Jaybrown

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    Why do the lawnmower engines seem to always need a re build or swap. What is causing this. Neglect ?
  2. Jaybrown

    Jaybrown LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I've had a Briggs $150 lawnmower laying outside in my yard It rains on it and snows all winter and every spring it starts Even with last years gas. It's 5 yrs old.
  3. LandFakers

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    Well most common issues are the "Ride it hard and put it away wet" mentallity many use with their equipment. Im meticulous about oil changes, checking valves, fuel stabilizer, etc. Many people are too lazy and see a new motor as a cheaper and easier way to deal with motor issues.
    Top End rebuilds(Piston, rings, honing cylinder walls, head work) and Low End rebuild(Cranks, Rods, other bearings) are a part of a motors life and are needed after extended engine life. Basic maintanece is key, and will keep a motor going longer than most expect.
  4. Restrorob

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    Ding Ding Ding !!!
  5. piston slapper

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    The problem is twofold...
    Neglect is the big problem...
    Some guys buy a mower knowing it has a warranty and proceed to beat it like a rented mule..
    They oil that comes with the engine doesnt last forever..neither do the filters...

    The other bid problem...To Quote BigFish..Is you cant fix stupid...

    Stupid mechanics that cant fix your engine...but can install a new one..
    Stupid eqpt owners that believe everything they hear at the mower shop...

    Educate Yourself Before Somebody Takes You To School....
  6. Lawn132012

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    SO TRUE!!!!!!:clapping::clapping::clapping:
  7. Oldtimer

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    Read the manual. I'm willing to bet that fewer than 1 person in 10 reads the owner's manual.

    If everyone read their owner's manual our parts and service business would suffer. Fortunately, for us, they don't.

  8. Landrus2

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    Who uses manufacture oil air fuel filters 2% maybe
  9. piston slapper

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    Wow...Big Letters...
    Where do you get your statistics from..????
  10. Patriot Services

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    Let's examine the fact many small engines contain no fuel or oil filter and a piece of foam rubber for an air filter.
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