why do little old ladies do this?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, May 10, 2003.

  1. bobbygedd

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    uggghhh! driving me nuts. why do little old ladies have to plant things in the middle of the lawn? do u know how rediculous a one gallon size azealea looks in the middle of a beautiful big lawn?
  2. And they go buy a new shrub, tree, Shepard's hook and plant, lawn squirrel or some other damn thing every week that they need to put where you must trim around it. Then they watch out the window to see how p.o. you get.
    Really I think its because the little old man is dead and there is nothing else to do.
  3. stang358

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    NOPE, the reason that they do it is so that they feel that they are getting more for their money. They feel that we do it too quick and if they put a bunch of **** all over the place, it will take us longer to do it and they feel better about that. They usually say "It used to take my husband 3 hours to do our yard and it only takes you 15 minutes, are you sure that you are doing it right?"
  4. mowerman90

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    I had a 1 acre account that was an absolute joy to mow. It was wide open with only a few medium sized islands to negotiate around. Then the homeowners wife sprouts a "green thumb" all of a sudden. Six months later I tell them that their contract is up for renewal and the homeowner is flabbergasted to see that his new price will be $18 per month more than the last years rate. I tell him the reason........his wife has added 27 individual items to their once gorgeous backyard.
  5. DanaMac

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    Or they plant a rose bush in the turf directly in front of the sprinkler head. Then are upset when it costs $60-$70 to move the head.
  6. lawncare3

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    Can't they just move the plant?
  7. DanaMac

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    They could. But that that is where thay want it. If I make a trip there, I am doing the work. I don't move plants. I don't cut grass. I work on irrigation only.
  8. MWM

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    Think about it. It was probably the only joy he had. He got out of the house once every 5 or so days. Mowed a little bit drank a beer, listened to the radio in his garage and generally relaxed. Once he went back in the house he had to made it look like he was "working hard" before he started acted like he was deaf again.
  9. cos

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    I had a lawn that they had every little wire Dodad that KMart sold. I hate Fourth of July. They had alot of little stick flags. GRRRR
  10. fblandscape

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    Ours is not to question. Ours is to do. Why question the little old lady about why she planted that shrub in the middle of the yard? Why not try to sell her on more things to do in addition to that one shrub or lawn ornament?

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