Why do people say it's tough in Florida?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by John From Florida, Jan 28, 2012.

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    John From Florida...I'm in central Fl and haven't cut a lawn since the holidays and I probibly won't until March!
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    i think they mean its tough to make a living because everyone is doing it in FL.

    diamond may be right though. it could depend on what you offer with your company.

    i don't live there but my parents keep trying to get me to move there because they want to move there. i refuse to leave the snowy winters we have for one thing. plus i'm getting to old to want to start my business over.
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    Best bet is work with some small & large companies in your area, see you they are making $$$. Learn as much from them as you can. Must be full service, i'm 31 started when i was a teenager. I only have five trucks but offer everything Bucket truck tree service, 2 full time mowing crews, stamped concrete, Hardscapes Etc. I take on contracts two hours away and sub them out. You must think out side the box
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    Would you blame that on a lack of demand during this season or low-ballers cutting you out of work? I see LCOs all over my neighborhood even at this point. Although there isn't enough grass to go around when there's an excess of guys, there would be enough work if you beat out the competition through innovative advertising. It works in theory at least :p

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