Why do ppls do this?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by topsites, May 22, 2005.

  1. topsites

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    I don't understand this crap, happens to me a LOT !! Well ok, not a whole lot, but sure enough, always the folk who want to hire you 'off the side of road,' so to speak.
    Had some folk pull up while I was mowing. I should've done what I usually do, which is to ignore them completely and keep right on working... But, no.
    They got 3-4 minutes of my time, said they wanted an estimate on cutting their grass and could they have my name and phone number. The more I think about it, the madder I get, cuz they wanted my last name and me not thinking, gave it to them. But they DO live where they say, they did pull out that driveway and I seen them before.
    Either way they drove off, then I went over after I was finished with current yard and estimated their yard but I was smart enough NOT to leave a written estimate, waiting instead for their phonecall (which, of course, never came).
    Last fall, some folk pull up to me want an estimate on leaves (yup 'off side of the road'). They lived right up the street from where I was working, they got in their car and specifically drove down to where I was for this, so I figured it was important. Nope, they never called after I went through the rigmarole.
    The stories I could go on with, but this is my general experience with this crap when passers-by stop while I'm working. Does anyone else experience this, and am I correct by just ignoring 'side of the road' folk?

  2. Charles

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    I don't know why you would ignore the cheapest way of advertising you have--- You being seen mowing lawns. YOu get a call off your ad and then you have to drive who knows where is alot worse than running down the street to give an estimate while you are in the area. Some you get and some you dont--just like off your ad. If you got enough people stopping by then you could cancel your paid advertisement altogether
  3. topsites

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    You just answered my question, thanks !

    You are full of yourself if you think you can survive without paid advertising, because the only thing you will do is work for next to nothing! That has been my experience over and over.
    Here it is: Cheap advertising = You do cheap work.
    It is the reason why I have no business cards, no flyers, and no letters on the side of the truck (*ALL* of it, cheap ads).

    That's likely why I never get any of this stuff, so yeah, I am correct by ignoring those *****.

    You see, I advertise in the yellow pages.

  4. Charles

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    Well I guess all those millions of businesses with signs on their trucks are just "full of themselves" Give me a break!!! :rolleyes:

    The same people who read the yellow pages are the same people who stop by and ask you to give them an estimate. What do you think? That phone books are only given to special people?
  5. Carolina Cutter

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    Well this is definetely interesting....

    I will tell you that the "cheap" advertising has brought me some of the largest and HIGHEST PAYING jobs I have ever done.

    You working and somebody stopping and asking is a compliment to me as it says to them that he does quality work and is worth the money.

    I would rather get all my customers from referrals or stops.

    I DONT advertise anymore......AT ALL.....and my phone rings EVERYDAY. I HAVE NEVER had an add in the phone book and I have grown EVERY year.

    Your work speaks VOLUMES about you and your company....more than some ad ever will.

    If you don't take advantage of all your avenues of acquiring business...you are doomed to not be in business too long.

    So what, you didn't get that job.....there are always others too follow.
  6. lawnman_scott

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    I advertise in the yellow pages too. But I think it looks better to have a trailer that is lettered, and I would actually leave a written estimate and not have to depend on the customer to make contact, for a second time. They were smart enough to get your name and number, maybe they were hoping from the same from you.
  7. Lux Lawn

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    Thats one of the best ways to get a new customer...No advertising cost in driving down the street a few house's to give an estimate.Plus it keeps your route tighter,allowing you to do more work in a shorter time.If someone stops me while i'm working and asks for an estimate it seems to me that they like my work,I will leave a written estimate.How can you not have business card?
  8. MrBarefoot

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    Has anyone who stopped you and requested a quote eventually turned into a customer?

    I find about 70% of the people I meet "on the street" turn into customers. This has the added advantage of (usually) getting a new customer in close proximity to an existing one. These sort of "leads" are time consuming but I personally feel that they are well worth it.

    If you find it a distraction to give quotes on the road then don't give them. You need to do what works for you and your business, good luck.
  9. SproulsLawnCare

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    So far, all of my business has come from someone who stopped me while I was mowing to ask for service. I only approached the first one and it went from there. All of the people who answered my ad in the paper never accepted service. They were apparently price shopping since they never contacted me after the estimates. I will still advertise, but so far it hasn't done me any good.
  10. kc2006

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    The problem I see is, you don't leave an estimate. Theres 500 other lawn care businesses in your area, most of which probably do a good job also. Why wait for you when they could take a pic from the others and get a response within 24 hours most likely with a written estimate in their hand?

    I believe in being the "strong" type with the customers, I don't let them step on me or my policies to keep them in check but playing hard to get is the reason these people aren't calling. Its just common sense. I bet any money if you left an estimate (which is probably going to be a few bucks less then normal since you service their neighbors lawn) you would probably get these people.

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