Why do so many LCO's fail?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kebrowns, Oct 15, 2012.

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    I agree, I do love using comma's incorrectly. At least I do know the correct usage of your, you're and they're, there and their. I'll try a little more. Good thing my profession is not teaching. I can't write for ****, but I can count money like a motherfucker and make a yard look damn near perfect and i convince people to pay me what i want to do it, that and other outdoor maintenance. I must be doing something right!
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    my parents never payed for anything extra after i turned 14, i was pretty much on my own. I wanted an air conditioner in my room i had to buy it myself. I wanted a tv, i had to buy it on my own, video games, surround sound in my bedroom, about 3,000 dollars worth of dvds, a nice leather couch. i thought i had it all when i was 14 cutting lawns with my old scag walkbehind. I should have just saved all my money so i could have bought an new mower when i was 16, I certainly made more then enough money to do so. oh well good luck!
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    Biggest reason is business taxes and payroll taxes. They are by far the most racket of everything else. You hear about it on the news all the time. Most start out under the table and can do well but when they get to the big leagues then everything falls apart.

    The other big problem is collecting money owned to you. Very very hard my biggest problem. They are so many people that will ask you to cut their grass or even perform a landscape service then will run away. The legal system is set up so the only thing you can do is put your case against their house which now nobody cares because no body is selling their house they are just staying in their big old house pay no bills or mortgage and because of Barack Obama and his policies everybody can do this without being thrown in jail.

    As far as all these low baller red necks go. Everybody will blame them for all their problems but in real life they really are not that big of a deal, they will come and go every year and you have to be ready the pick up their work that they leave behind. In my area the hardscaping industry saw this a few years back, everybody wanted to be a hardscaper however it take lots of skill to do it right. When they mess up a job, everything ends up falling apart and then the customer has to pay double for a real hardscaper to fix everything. Same applies to landscaping/ grass cutting.

    They will low ball and then

    1. Not show up ever or when they want to
    2. Smash into the house with the zero-turn or some other object and then run away, because they have no license or insurance their is nothing you can do about it, the legal system allows this to happen, you have to know where they live and a company name and other info to take somebody to court.

    After something like this, then they will wise up and go for a professional.
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    I guess by reading some of these replies anything is possible. And I will admit it I have made some of the mistakes mentioned here, but fortunate enough I did not repeat my mistakes twice and toke advantage of that and has a result regained more customers because of not making the same mistake twice.

    I began doing my own lawn 5 years ago. My neighbor was sick so she hired me to do hers. My other neighbor moved away so she hired me to mow hers also. I was really doing pressure washing at first and as time progressed I picked up some lawn care accounts via pressure washing and vice a versa. I started out this year with about 15 to 22 accounts. My sonoma s10 crapped out and was down for a while. I had back up but to my surprise he was messing up. So, I lost a lot of accounts because of my back up help. Then low and behold my wife got pregnant and dealing with that I lost about 9 more accounts. Now I have a new truck the baby is ok I have re-gained 9 more accounts as to date and a new fleet washing accounts.

    As a result I see some potential in this field and bought enough stuff to make the regular lawn care treatment to be easier and quicker. I said all off this to say I messed up a lot and I am still pushing. All I have is my drive. I even went a step further to learn how to repair my own stuff which I have been doing all this year. Haven't got the blade sharpen down yet. but will get that down someday. I figure out how to build my own website and market myself online and get 3 to 5 new leads per week. The biggest issue I have now is finding the right person to help. A fool is easy to find and a smart one is hard to find and keep.
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    I will admit that for me paying the taxes is the hardest part.
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    Simple, they hit too many speedbumps and just give up. NEVER give up, this business is a very difficult one! But its too much fun !
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    You are buying from a source of last resort. At least here in Florida the biggest business to go into and the first one to to go out of business is the restaurant business. For this industry along with the landscape maintenance industry folks don't understand the cost associated with earning a profit. It may be great to have this idea that I want to workout side for a living, or I like to eat so why not open a restaurant?. In either case this reasoning with out knowing all your cost of doing business to earn a profit will doom the person trying every time. Some go faster than other. I have and still recommend and organization called SCORE. The services rendered are free and from my own personal opinion well worth an appointment with a counselor to see if this type of work or any new job has a chance of becoming a successful new career.
    easy-lift guy
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    I got 20 words into it and thought the same thing.
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    That's what happens when you post while downing Red Bulls.:usflag:
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    Great point. Just about anyone can do the work we're in. Well, landscaping is difficult. But merely cutting grass, trimming shrubs and spread fert is pretty straight forward for the most part.

    I think people can get burnt easy, especially if they aren't making the money they originally anticipated. They'll come into this field with a huge expectation but they don't implement the necessary steps to make this happen, they eventually fizzle out.

    It takes much more than the capability to run a mower to be successful in this business.

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