Why do so many LCO's fail?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kebrowns, Oct 15, 2012.

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    A lot of newbies have come into this in the last few years because of the lousy economy and job loss. You don't need a ton of capital to get started but what you need is the customer base which doesn't come the 1st week you pass out flyers. Most of these people don't know the true operating costs even if theyre a solo operation. They end up underbidding which keeps the market low for everyone else making a true living from this. Eventually they fizzle out and can't wait to get a job working for someone else.
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    maybe you guys have A.D.D.? which may cause trouble paying attention, especially while reading. I don't drink caffeinated products or coffee at all. so probably not....lol, i get plenty of sleep and i'm not overworked nor am I underpaid or stressed out about anything.
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    This isn't an English class, but some paragraph structure is always helpful rather than rambling run-on sentences 500 words long.

    It seems like you just type whatever comes into your mind in whatever order it comes into your mind, making it hard for some of us to read who have better things to do than sit here all day trying to figure out what it is that some guy somewhere is trying to say about something, and trying to keep it all in their head until they get to the point whatever that point may be somewhere 6 lines down it kind of loses it's effectiveness to the point that whatever you say is lost in the shuffle so that we just lose interest in what it is that you're trying to say however important that might be to you and to anyone else reading it, it's just not a good way to try to communicate with others so please try not to do that anymore if you want people to read your posts and comment on whatever it is that you're trying to say.
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    Cause lawnmowing is not that much fun an you do not make enough money to buy fancy sports cars an boats no matter how hard you work.
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    Tony Bass has a book out "The E-Myth Landscape Contractor" sub titled "why most landscape businesses fail and what to do about it"

    It's a good read.

    But it also answers that question.
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    I agree that's not true...I have 6, yes 6, as in six, boats sitting out by my dock right now and a sports car sitting in the driveway!!!
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    Looks like someone might have to reevaluate their company. :confused:
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    The problem is that landscaping is just as in any other business just as likely to go out of business quickly for one reason.

    Not enough money.

    Whether a deli, pizzeria, restaurant, print shop, auto repair, etc they are started by individuals that scraped enough money to open up.

    They don't have the money behind them to get through the first two years.

    They ignore that a business usually does not make money the first year.

    That a business usually will just break even the second year.

    That it usually takes three years for a business to take off and generate good profits.
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    Very good points...

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