Why do so many LCO's fail?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kebrowns, Oct 15, 2012.

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    I don't know if flat bottom aluminum boats count though? :laugh:
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    Business Management is tough

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    Good one lol.
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    A boat is a hole in the water ....surronded by wood... that must be filled by money...a swimming pool is not much different
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    You hit it on the head. If you don't have the working capitol to make it through the first two to three years without depending on the business to earn your living, you need to go get a job. Always remember, your employees will be earning a living long before you are. It's tough, but worth the effort in the end.
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    Good for you.
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    probably one of the most false statements in this thread so far. you absolutely can buy fancy sports cars, landscaping does pay, you have to price stuff right and stick with it. after 8 years of landscaping and 4 of tree work. one of my buddies built a 9 sec mustang from landscaping alone, the car had close to 80,000 into it.... he did this with 1 truck, 1 mower, and 1 helper. no crazy setup. he built a 8.17 sec 08 gsxr 1000 all paid for cash, and last year he bought a 01 cigarette top gun powerboat, which is 38' long. taxes paid on all the cash too. and the boat has twin 575ci supercharged that make 600hp each he will literally hold it with 2-300rpm of the rev limiter all weekend long. so lawn mowing can easily make you enough money to buy fancy cars and boats, he also spent 7000 on wheels for his 08 450 which was his personal vehicle up until this september. so there's a little motivation to succeed.
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    You guys make some interesting points. Thanks again.
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    Something I am starting to realize... My first year lost a bunch of money. This year pretty much broke even. Next year will be the ultimate test.

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