Why do so many LCO's fail?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kebrowns, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Would this person be you by chance?
  2. Landscape Poet

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    Just some lawn turd I know.
  3. Doin_It

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    Mr. Scott Barnes,
    This is a very interesting comment, the reason it is so interesting to me is, you've been a member for 2 years, and have over 7600 posts, when the heck do you actually go out and work?

    I have done extremely well, in my opinion, in the past 7/8 years "lawn mowing", if you "lawn mowed" as well as you posted you could have a fancy car.....personally I got into real-estate, which to me is even more fun then being a landscaper. If you go find my other post I put up to night you'll see you can make money.
  4. Doin_It

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    Darryl Gesner........I thought I was doing well and saving $$$'s by getting the quart, and refilling the little bottles so the guys don't mix wrong.

    I'm gonna have to step it up and price the 5 gallon pails. Though that would take 2 summers to blow.

    Another money saving tip....buy by the gallon.........learned something new today. Now I can go to bed happy.
  5. ringahding

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    Where is the "Like" button? Completely agree!
  6. CL&T

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    Wow! I'm really impressed. There is some other guy here that said he even owned buildings with elevators!

    I could buy "real estate" and buildings with elevators too and put them on my credit card. Not because I have a large credit limit but because they are so cheap.
  7. Patriot Services

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    I've gotten back into real estate as well. Simple deals. Short sales that can be cleaned and sold quickly below market value. The days of big 5 digit profits are long gone. Houses are selling but lenders are ultra picky on condition. Fixer uppers aren't getting financed these days. Some days I feel like I'm juggling ten chainsaws, but reward comes with responsible risk.
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    I originally had a couple quart bottles of Opti-2 that have dispensers on them, but squeezing the bottles was kind of a pain, so now I just pour one into the other and refill from my gallon bottle now and then.

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