Why does every rookie do this?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by xstatikplus, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. xstatikplus

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    Just thought it would be fun for myself and other vets in this game and informative to the rookies to share typical traits of rookie behaviour when out in the field.

    For me the most noticeable and extremely common trait of the rookie is on wide open driveways/patios/ walkways the rookie always tend to feather the backpack blowers throttle instead of having it run wide open. As your rookie works his/her way down the driveway you hear the engine brmmm brmmm brmmm brmmm br br br brmmm. Now don't get me wrong in tight corners burping the throttle will get debris out of that corner without it hitting your face but in wide open areas?

    Another one is after 2 months your typical rookie feels they can mow circles around you and not lack in quality compared to your work even tho you daily point out spots they miss and line trim their Mohawks they leave in the lawn because they can't keep a straight line even after 2 months! I PMSL when a rookie challenges me to a compitition and is willing to put some of his/her pay on it.

    Any other noticeable traits are welcome and will be enjoyed.
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  2. Armsden&Son

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    This is funny....

    There are about a million things that noobs do to annoy me but I will just throw out 1 for now...

    What's up with the deer in headlights/overwhelmed/looking like a lost kitten string trimming routine?

    1. Go around the house or building

    2. Go around the perimeter

    3. Hit all the stuff in the middle.

    This is all you have to do bro.

    Now, being good at trimming takes a bit of time, no doubt. But getting the order of operation down correctly should not be difficult.

    I can't stand seeing guys walk over to a tree and trim it, then go do half of the fence line out back, then over to another tree on the other side of the property, "Oh, lets go edge the driveway now."

    Running around frantically like a chicken with your head cut off will get me mad at you really quick...
  3. knox gsl

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    This is one of mine as well. Most of the properties I now can be trimmed out in 10 minutes or less by me. They always miss things and are still trying to finish after the mower is back on the truck.
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  4. Dr. Cornwallis

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    This is one of mine as well. Facing the house I always start edging on the bottom right and I start trimming on the bottom left. Doing so this way results in more efficient use of time and energy as you do less walking around. I try and blow in a pattern too but that may or may not happen depending on the prevailing wind.
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  5. rbljack

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    a couple quick adds for me would be:
    1. Running a two stroke edger or trimmer at half throttle for extended periods of time.
    2. After taking the time to stripe a lawn correctly, they cut across their stripes to get back to the truck in the shortest distance possible, leaving a crappy trail diagonally across the lawn that stands out as a rookie mistake when they worked so hard to get the lines uniform, and straight....UGGG.
    3. Running out of gas on the far side of the property, than pushing the mower all the way back to the truck instead of bring the can to them. Forget that fact that running out of gas is another one that will get me mad.....LOL. Check the damn fuel before you start, and the oil too while your at it !!
  6. Kawizx62003

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    I would prefer full throttle on a blower, but, I I think it can "look" careless at times. Blowing stuff in neighbors yards, blowing around cars. It depends on the property. Neighbors close means some more care needs to be taken. A 2 acre property wide open works. I feel the same about trimmers. Full throttle will sling crap everywhere.
  7. gcbailey

    gcbailey LawnSite Silver Member
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    blowing clippings in the road..... ARRRRGH!!!!!!!
  8. oqueoque

    oqueoque LawnSite Gold Member
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    When blowing the curb, they blow leaves in the road back onto the lawn, instead of into a pile to be swept up.
  9. grassmonkey0311

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    Me: "You know the mower has self propel right? I watched you struggle because I already showed you once, you just didn't pay attention."

    New guy: "Oh.....um....thanks"
  10. whiffyspark

    whiffyspark LawnSite Fanatic
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    We have a bank that we do that I refuse to let anyone stand in the road to blow. We discharge back into the lawn, but you can't help some clippings. We blow them out as cars drive by to disperse the clippings. Ain't worth someone getting hit
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