Why does every rookie do this?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by xstatikplus, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. gcbailey

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    We have two properties with with privacy fences about 5' from the road.... you can either 1. aim the discharge into the fence and get splattered OR 2. aim into the road and have a guy blowing the clippings back as you go.

    I do realize sometimes you can't get but get some clippings, but when I see guys out there purposely mowing their first swath with the discharge right into the road, sheesh that's stupid. Especially when it's on a US highway and just watch the cars swerve over trying to keep from getting hit. Nothing like having your Audi A8 plastered with gravel and grass as you drive by!!
  2. Dr. Cornwallis

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    Same, I do a large residential yard right by an extremely busy two lane road. I never ow the clippings from the street back into the yard; give it twenty min of traffic and it's all gone.
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  3. Armsden&Son

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    Ding Ding Ding!!!!!!

    I cant STAND when noobs drive over my stripes!!!!

    Or their own for that matter!

    Take the time to lay perfect stripes only to blast across the lawn like a numbnuts!!!!
  4. xstatikplus

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    Ahhh the old cutting across a perfectly striped lawn :) yup got to love that move
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  5. xstatikplus

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    As I stated "burping the blower throttle in wide open areas" not in tight spots or in your example of blowing into neighbours yards etc etc. half throttle vs burping the rpm tho. The throttle burping stands out to me most as just about every new guy seems to do it. One I have now does it always plus does it on the line trimmer( would normally wait a while to put someone on a line trimmer but he claimed to be experienced when hired so....and he is getting better at it)

    I'm just waiting for the day I see him burping the throttle on a ferris! PMSL!
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  6. Kawizx62003

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    Sorry it was 6AM and I didnt get a cup of coffee in yet! Yeah , that would be annoying! I dont have employees but one thing that would drive me nuts is running out of fuel in the middle of a yard. I hate wasted time with a passion. And then I can see someone with a slow walk to the truck to get gas and a slower walk back to the mower and then an even slower walk back to the mower.
  7. rbljack

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    My son did this ONCE and I went over to him and said to him..." I will assume that you made that slow walk to the truck for the fuel because you were ashamed of yourself for not checking the fuel right?" LOL

    Now he is into the habit of checking fuel and oil before he starts each day (he helps me out over the summer). One of our mowers s about to die (we bought a used exmark 30 that was definitely used and abused by previous owner, and we are checking oil on it after every yard or two, so that reinforced the importance/need to check everything to avoid the "walk of shame". this particular mower is using oil pretty fast now,
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  8. norsky

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    they are just like the Harley riders that rev up there engines when starting them or when sitting at a stop sign. annoying
  9. Armsden&Son

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    You are very close....

    It's because most of these noobs have never held any power in their hands before....

    Granted, we are only talking under 50 cc's at the most but let's be honest, 2 stroke engines sound AWESOME!!!!!

    So I think they are just kind of playing with the power....

    After 20 years the novelty wear off....

    Although my Shindy 802 back pack sounds so mean I am admit to being a throttle offender sometimes...
  10. xstatikplus

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    Hahaha so true I ride a sports bike and ride with quite a few Harley riders out of them I can only think of 2 that don't do the red light throttling
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