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why does everyone think everybody started as scrubs


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Slingshot, my point is, it's very hard to read and understand the post when there are so many mistakes and we have to continually stop and figure out what words like &quot;outher or through(should be throw) mean! <p>This especially true when the person misspelling words like maybe, business, or right is suggesting we go to college! No, I'm not a teacher, just a paramedic and LMO owner. As stated earlier, I hope their (or is it there?) contracts are not written like this.<p>Ray


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Man, I hate to get into this spelling and grammer crap, but I will make a suggestion(that even I should be doing). You can Word or Word Perfect or whatever you use minimized at the bottom toolbar on the screen and switch back and forth when posting. If you write your post in word, you'll have the spelling and grammer check, then just cut and paste it here. Just an idea, It's something I've been meaning to do.<br><p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://communities.msn.com/guidosequipmentpics/&quot;&gt;&quot;Guido&quot;&lt;/a&gt;<br>David M. Famiglietti


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u Gize maka mee laff like cracy. dont nobody need to now how two rite to cut a littl gracc* thay dont need ta no how splell ether= i jus git up in tha mournin an chunk da little mower in da trunk and go louk for da yard day needz cuttin # bin duin it this wey for 27 years now.<p>I've already responded to this &quot;scrub&quot; thing one time. My last post was rather long and wordy. I'll attempt to make this one a little shorter and I hope I don't spell something incorrectly.<p>Person goes in Bank for job. He starts as teller, 5 years later.........loan officer! He started as a bank scrub!<p>Person goes in grocery store for a job, he starts as bagger, 5 years later.........he's still bagging. He started as a bagger scrub and continues to be the scrub that he is. <p>The building in which these 2 beginners went into doesn't make a hill of beans. If the first person went into the grocery store he would be the manager in 5 years.<p>The difference in people, why some succeed and some don't really has nothing to do with their education, although it helps if the person has the desire to be educated. I believe it has to do with your persons outlook on life, his personality, and desire to make it against all odds. If the bagger had higher goals in life and a strong inner need to do better, he would have used the experience as a bagger to move him to the next level, a stock boy perhaps. At any level if he were doing his best to get to the next one he would have succeeded and not stayed a scrub bagger. He didn't have what it took to become the manager, no self worth, infeority complex maybe, low self esteem, or just plain lazy. People also tend to be content when they find their &quot;comfort zone&quot;. The bank boy obviously had what it took to advance in life and in another 5 years he might go out and start his own finance Company and charge lawn scrubs 19 to 30% interest on their equipment loans. <p>Where you start in life and where you end up comes from within and thats all there is to it. When you see the next trunk mounted mower, don't judge the way this guy is starting out because he may have no other choice. Give him a couple of seasons and then see where he is at and you will know then if you should be looking over your shoulder. If he has a trailer and a commercial mower then you know beyond a shadow of a doubt he has enough intelligence to advance to the higher levels, if he still uses his trunk mounted mower then oh well.........he'll never get any bigger. If the true desire was there and the personal characteristics of this person were such that he knew he had to start somewhere and the trunk was the starting point, he'll make it to higher levels in no time. If they aren't there he'll wear out his back loading the trunk and in no time he won't be seen again.<p>There are those that will succeed no matter what obstacles are put before them, there are those that have no desire to succeed. It is simply personal preference. You'll always have scrubs to contend with, just take the yard away from them on your way to that 75th account. They won't care if you get it!<p>Just my $10.00 worth.<p>Homer

little green guy

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Hey gr8one is the only reason you come here to post about scrubs? I havn't seen you post on to many things that are acually benifical to everyone on this forum. Please stop wasting space with you piontless topics that have been discussed several times already. If you realy hate scrubs that much how about educating them so they won't be scrubs anymore.<p>Also I don't think that there are any scrubs on this forum because if you care enough to find this site and use it you are not a scrub.


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East Tennessee
Look, if you/they are &quot;scrubs&quot;who really cares! Just look out for yourself and your business. Simply do the best job you can do and your reputation/performance will follow you! If you are friends with your competitors great, if not, great. I found this site by accident and have found it to be very informative,interesting and helpful.I have made some post regarding this subject previously, but don't you think this horse is getting a little tired?


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Central CT
Some of you guys take things too seriously.<p>I recall when the scrub list was first published elsewhere, it was<br>specifically tailored to summarize one particular individuals business<br>profile. All the here and there comments didnt seem like much until they<br>were all tallied into one master list (see Stone thread). Even the word &quot;scrub&quot;<br>was used originally to describe this one over-inflated individual.<p>So, im the spirit of the scrub list, you MAY be a scrub if...<p>21. Your truck doubles in value with a full tank of fuel.<p>22. Your mower doubles as a stump grinder.<p>23. Your work hours are 7pm-10pm mon-fri, 7-7 sat-sun, all day holidays, other<br>hours by appt.<p>24. Your idea of home improvement project is painting the wheel chocks<br>on your trailer.<p>25. Tenth grade high school was the best five years of your life.<p>26. You think the stock market has a fence around it.<p>27. You take a load to the dump and return with more than you left with.<p>28. You wonder how gas stations keep their restrooms so clean.<p>29. Your wifes day job requres her to wear an orange vest.<p>30. Your equipment trailer has &quot;camper&quot; plates on it.<p>More to come?<p>Bill


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Homer I'm still laughing. I bet it took longer to type that first paragraph than all the others combined.


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bill, those are the best ones I heard yet. Theres a couple guys here that have those mowers/stumpgrinders!!!<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://communities.msn.com/guidosequipmentpics/&quot;&gt;&quot;Guido&quot;&lt;/a&gt;<br>David M. Famiglietti