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Why does my mower stripe better with no bag?


LawnSite Senior Member
Ashland, Ohio
My guess is there is restence caused by the bag. there for less air flow = less suction under the deck so the grass is not pulling to the direction you are going.<br>All the accounts I bag are so small you really can't tell how the stripes would go, for we have to back up over the same spot to get out.<br>


LawnSite Senior Member
A rear bagger's cloth/poly type grass bag should be considered a routine maintenance item the same way as the underside of your mowing deck is, just not quite as often. I use a whisk broom once a week on the inside of mine to unclog the pores. If you've never done it, you may need to use a scraper to knock off major accumulations. You can also power wash these things which does a good job, but will render the bag out of service until it dries.<p>As a previous poster said, it's all about air flow. Deck design and bagging material work in sync to produce the maximum quality cut.<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: turfquip dot com