Why does Stihl not use a synthetic blend 2 stroke oil?


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They have a high performance and a low smoke, but no synthetic blends...I think I asked this already, but what do you think about running the echo synthetic low smoke in the 4-mixes? Wonder why Stihl chose not to go with synthetic blends...I am going to 93 octane also...Oh, in addition, what do you all think about running a little Seafoam in the 4-mix and 2 cycle?...If so, how much would I use?...thanks...

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Amsoil is a superior two-cycle oil. We mix it at 80 to 1, and the sabre mix is made to run in air-cooled hand held equipment.For handheld equipment,Amsoil is like nector from the gods.

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dcplace2004 said:
Wonder why that is...
Which oil are you talking about? The Amsoil or the Echo?

I wrote a email to Amsoil and asked about using the Sabre in Stihl 4 Mix engines and they said to use it and if there are any lube problems they would cover it.

In response to your inquiry, AMSOIL Saber Professional Oil is recommended for this machine. If the use of the AMSOIL product causes a problem, the AMSOIL warranty will cover repair costs. On the other hand, if the AMSOIL didn’t cause the problem, the Stihl warranty should cover any damages.

Byron Selbrede
AMSOIL Technical Service

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Hi, I have a brand new Stihl 4-Mix BR600 leaf blower (www.stihlusa.com) and I need to know if it is safe to use Saber 2 cycle mix in this blower. What sort of warranty does Amsoil provide in the event that there is problem with lubrication? BTW, my Stihl dealer is also my Amsoil dealer and he didn't want to be commital on this. Thank You


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I use Seafoam mix in my 2 cycles each time. It calls for 2 oz per gallon of mix but I use 1 oz per gallon and I have had great results with it.


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Echo does, but Stihl does not...there has to be a reason...I just thought that synthetic is superior over dinosaur juice...how does a 4-mix or 2 cycle process the oil? Perhaps that will reveal the answer...