Why dont they listen?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Frontier-Lawn, Nov 28, 2004.

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    OK i did a island & front walkway, back in may for a customer. i told here to water every other day for 3 weeks to let the date palm root good. I go back to check it out after 3 weeks its all good. Then i tell here to water the planters once a week since she has no sprinkler system. She says OK. I go back Friday and 90% of the plants are dead or dieing and the weeds are all over the place, and the ground is die as :realmad: . Why do some customers pay 2k for a job and not take care of it. what funny is i put in lorope and i have some in my yard i have mowed it over park on it never watered it and never killed it, she has! how's that possible. so has anyone else ever had that happen to them? do a job for a customer and they not do the upkeep.
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    They're stupid, or lazy or both...I am always hesitant to do an install without irrigation. Why not spend a little extra cash upfront to ensure the safety of the plants? It's gotten so I open every discussion with..."Once again, I strongly recommend irrigation before we...etc..." I guess it's okay to spend a thousand bucks on Palms because you can see them when you drive up to your house each night, but not okay to drop some cash on the 'invisible' sprinkler system?
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    If you include (as part of the installation) a setup for "weeping" hose (to be covered by mulch so it won't show) and put it on a hose bib timer, the client won't have to do anything except remember to turn the hose off after a few weeks. If you need to change the watering requirements, you can just reprogram the timer (charge the client or not, your choice). You make more money, the setup's straightforward, the client thinks that you are so-ooo clever and thoughtful to make his/her life easier. Win-win all around.
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    Well if they watered as you told them and they had clay soil
    the plants may have died from : (lack of oxygen /or too much water)

    I would suggest that you take up a few plants to determine the cause.

    Too much water and lack of water have some of the same symptoms.

    Don't judge too early.
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    fl has sandy soil after2 days 90% of plants need to be watered again

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