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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ToddH, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. ToddH

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    Rhetorical question. :waving:

    I have had nothing but grief with this particular install and this theme seems to be icing on the cake. I really do not want to spend another year learning PHP and D7 theming.
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  3. ToddH

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    Rodger that,

    MySQL loaded

    php memeory set to 256 MB

    Should be a nice site when finished but I am working hard for it.
  4. greg8872

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  5. ToddH

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    White house.gov cost a ton of money to develop for something using open source tools. I think that D6 vs D7 are worlds apart for the average user too. Still relatively complex particularly has extra modules are added. I do credit white house.gov and all the development to bring it forward.

    It is successfully used on many commercial sites but most of them are not using strictly open source or in other words they have lots of programming development.

    I think Best Buy is another famous site that runs well on drupall. Drupal does have a list of many sites that use the core if you will.
  6. greg8872

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    Drupal, like Wordpress, Joomla, and many others have their place and both strong points and weak points. (and they all can be set up well, and set up badly) I was just playing on that soon after Whitehouse.gov launched a few years ago, so many non-developers jumped to it.

    For a basic web sites, they all can be overkill, and also if you are not going to keep up on updating the core systems (and plugins), can leave a site open for hacks (especially true with WP, just because of its popularity)

    I did just take a look at the code for 7.x and was glad to see they finally got rid of using eval() within the code. A few years ago I set up Zend Server which would let you see the performance of scripts, all the way down to individual statements. Drupal used to end up at one eval() statement which took up more processing power than anything else in the page call.

  7. ToddH

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    It is not too hard to update the scripts. The trick is to set up the site the way you like and resist any further mod add-ons less you break it.

    I am not sure if it is the best CMS out there. I know word press is very popular. Joomla I just could not grasp but then again drupal took a while too. Then 7 came out and it got much easier. Still a lot of leg work tweaking the site. Likely is over kill but my old site is a static hand written HTML site coded back in 2005.

    Hard to add decent content or link managment and such.

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