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why exmark?


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South East
I am new to this and I am looking to buy about three machines. WHy should I buy an exmark? I know that may be a silly question, but I really want to buy the best for my money. And does exmark offer a power lift on the deck? what are the advantages and disadvantages for the power deck?

fluffy one


Manufacturer / Sponsor
Fluffy one,

I looked at some of your other posts here on LS and it looks like you are most interested in zero turn riders? Let me know for sure.

Various manufacturers have reputations for various attributes. Our reputation has been built on quality of cut, reliability and service after the sale.

All Exmark decks have blade tip speeds of 18,500 fpm, flow control baffles, no-maintenance spindles and reinforcement in all critical areas.

You'll also find that while many mowers may be faster across the parking lot we usually have an edge when cutting grass. The deck design reduces horsepower requirements, stands the grass up taller, cuts it off cleaner and gets it out the discharge chute faster. This allows us to cut grass a little faster and still maintain a high quality of cut. Quality of cut like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our cut is generally considered a little cleaner or more manicured.

Many decks on the market will discharge a 3" clipping when cutting off 3" of grass. Our deck tends to cut the clippings finer (like mulching) so that much of the debris disappears into the lawn rather than lying on top of the lawn. This is even more important several days after the lawns been cut. These large clippings left by some deck designs then turn brown and the lawn appearance suffers.

We spend a great deal of time testing the various components to ensure that everything works as it is intended.

We also offer semi-pneumatic front caster tires to eliminate flats, reduce maintenance on the hydro system, caster wheel and caster pivots or annual intervals. This means less maintenance and less chance of improper maintenance.

We've eliminate the metal springs in the seats and replaced them with an electrometric band (big piece of elastic), added side bolsters, adjustable arm rests and re-positioned the seat cushion for improved operator comfort. We've contoured the drive levers and repositioned the controls all to make the operator more comfortable and ultimately more productive.

Everything from the front caster wheels to the mufflers have been tested re-tested and improved over the past several years. This makes the Lazer one of if not the most reliable machines on the market.

Please give me a call at 800-667-5296 at your convenience.

Thank you,


John Gamba

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For the Hydro deck lift, if you try one on another mower you will find that you need THREE arms. When you go into a ZERO turn how do you move a lever when BOTH of your hans are moving the drive levers.
When i had gravely promaster 200's they had a lever to lift the deck, We would have to stop and lift or lower the deck. Now with the lazers and the FOOT lift i'm able to lift or lower the deck with my feet and i have two arms to move the two drive levers.

Go try one and you will see, Plus the added expence of hoses and a cylander and you can see the foot wins.


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Thanks..............I guess I got in a hurry.

Here's my take on the hydro lift........subject to change as technology changes.

The current foot lift has two major advantages over most hydro/electric lifts. Speed and reliability. In the event that you’re mowing along and see some type of heavy debris in the lawn (iron, rock etc.) you can quickly raise the deck with the foot lift which is faster than any of the hydro/electric lifts I've seen thus far. The foot lift also require NO maintenance and I'm not aware of one ever breaking. It also never leaks............just my stab at humor.

The foot lift is also very cost effective. The money we save by not using hydro/electric allows us to add other features such as fuel gauge, heavier clutch, larger tanks, more comfortable seat as well as continue our testing program.

I'm not saying that they hydro/elec lifts don't have a place but I'm not convinced yet that I like them on a high speed, high production commercial machine. Time will tell.




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st pete, FL
If you do your own repairs, Exmark has the most aftermarket parts of any mower. The aftermarket supplier i buy from sells virtually every part other than i think the frame. The dealers also seem to be good, i cant say, ive only had mine about 3 months or so. Very low maintenance machine. Sealed bearings in the deck, and packed in the forks and front wheels. Cuts like a dream at full speed and mulches great. I agree about the deck lift, I use the foot petal many times a day to go over a rock, small stump, or a slight mound in a lawn.


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I personally second the remark that eXmark cut is of high quality, as Terry said. I have for 2 seasons plus now a 36" metro/jungle whees, and love the cut it offers, no nonsense. So reliable and solid never have a down time, just ride/cut/clean/sharpen/grease. I don't even imagine what is the cut of a 52" once I get hold of it...
Keeping underdeck clean of clumpings and greenstain every time after use, sharpening blades every 15-20 hrs will set your eXmark apart.


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Why Exmark?

Well for me the big thing is the quality cut with sharp blades my lawns always look very nice beats my old Ransomes by a long shot. I also am very impressed with the Ultra Vac its simple works well and I dont have to deal with another engine to turn the impeller. For the do it your self maintence the Exmark is tops with the engine mounted upright all parts are visable and acessible makes maintenace and repair a breeze....


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I'm trying to make a decision about a CT. So far it's in the lead, a little higher than the other stuff I'm looking at but for residential use it seems like reasonable overkill (where something more expensive would be wasteful for my application).

ANYWAY, I've been reading back over old posts trying to see what will "tip the scales" toward the CT.

Would you guys say that all the positives you've thrown out here are true for the CT?

I appreciate the help, Will