why have insurance?????????

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by stxkyboy, Jul 18, 2003.

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    This is not meant as a put down, your age says a lot about why you're making such flippant remarks about insurance.
    I don't remember reading any post that "brags" about how much insurance they have, just stating facts.
    Do you own your own home, car, equipment, family to support, bills that YOU are responsible for, taxes, licenses, etc.
    What does your Dad being a doctor have to do with anything?

    Insurance is just one of those necessary evils if you will, better to have it than face the possible consequences.
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    Green Pastures, I could'nt have said it better.

    While the above answered it best I ask...why not?
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    very true. It's just like you credit history. Once you get married both of you effect each others credit.
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    As above stated, you can pay forever if you lose a lawsuit. Not just what money you have now.

    Best reason for me is to sleep at night. My policy is a $2mil general liability. I wouldn't go out in the morning without it.
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    I think that he is implying that his dad a doctor has chosen to put his property in his wife's name instead of having malpractice insurance. Wish my doctor was set up like that, NOT!
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    Of couyrse my dad has malpractice insuarance. If putting the house under a different name doesnt help then why does every doctor do it. Oh wait i forgot u guys can all afford to hire lawyers to tell you that it doesnt work.
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    I can't imagine being without contractors liability insurance in this business. Your mower kickes out a stone, takes out someones window in their house or car, or , at the very worst, god forbid, takes out some little kids eye, you will surely lose your ---. It protects your interests, and also, if you own a house as I do, you won't lose your house. As hoss already said, I also sleep better.:sleeping:
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    My question to you is - how do you want to build a professional lawn care business without being properly insured?

    You definetly needs insurance especially when you work with commercial contracts. You will not get the bid unless you can show proof of insurance.

    Face it - "s**t happens". Dont tell yourself it will never happen to me. I had an accident once - a small rock (picked up by the string trimmer) went through a window at a school bldg., $750 later my insurance paid my damages for me. And this was a small accident.

    People will buy your services if you are professionally lisenced and insured. That shows them that you do care about your own business and reputation as well as your client's interests.
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