Why I buy Exmark 30 inch lawn mowers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by SSantor, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. ducnut

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    Either post here or start a new thread, on this. I've been looking at both, as an upgrade to my current 21", but, not into the WB/stander realm. I really want to hear what you think.
  2. vegandude

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    last year I finally broke down and bought the exmark 26, the savings that gave me in fuel and time saved paid upfront for the 30 that I bought last month and the savings that I have already achieved in one month paid for my stihl pp800 pole saw. This mower isn't the cure all, but combined with the rest of the equip that I have, it is. This mower makes it so I have fewer stops at the gas station, less time on lawns, less screwing around with clippings, no side discharge bag, more time for extra work, less maintanance. This machine has become key to my business
  3. WayneJessie

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    I have a 21 Commercial Snapper with the 6HP Robin engine on it. That thing has been a bear to start since day one. The machine is built well but that Robin engine will wear you out just getting it to crank. I wish I had purchased the Honda engine model.
  4. kennymo81

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    I have mixed feeling about my Exmark 30 purchase. I have not had any transmission issues to date or cable problems. Should I still take it in anyway or am I one of the lucky ones? I love the cut quality, side discharge, and bagging. I leave the side discharge chute off and cut that way. My only complaint is that this thing could not mulch a wet noodle. The engine is way underpowered. I am also looking to sell mine and buy a full fledged 32. It would be fine for weekly cuts but not the every two week cuts that I mostly due. Its annoying having to side discharge everything. I does leave a hell of a nice cut though. Its a shame they couldn't plop a more powerful engine on this thing. They need to make a 10 hp Kawasaki, Honda, or Briggs just for this mower.
  5. Exact Rototilling

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    I do suspect the homeowner TimeMaster may in fact have more power than the TurfMaster...?

    The Briggs Pro is 190cc and also did power the XT5 aerator and the Lawn Solutions WB 21".

    Once the TimeMaster engine breaks in it does have a bit more grunt. Perhaps the same can be said for the TurfMaster...?
  6. grassmasterswilson

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    So am I hearing that these 30" mowers are still a few models away from them getting it right?

    I have larger ztr and the a 21" self propelled snapper push mower. We push mow 2 full lawns and then have a few small section/islands to do. We have some very small properties that might be good. All together we might put in 2-2.25 push mow hours a week on 7-8 different properties with out 21".

    I wonder if there is much of a time saver between the two models. What are the thoughts of your customers who ask for push mowing and see a larger mower on their property.

    Also seems to be some minor issues with cut quality. We cut fescue at 3-4" and Bermuda/centipede at 2-2.5"
  7. Lance L

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    I have had one for a few months now and its no longer on the truck, it wasn't saving us any time on the size yards we mostly do(5000-8000 sq ft lots) and because of the wider deck, it doesn't follow the contours as well as the 21 so I pulled it off, the blades are little cheesy POS's I bought 6 extra blades and after a few sharpenings on the magnamatic, they are almost trash... yesterday we had a tornado of broken 21's so I swapped the 30 out with the guys and they said it wasn't as fast as when it was new, so sure enough if you power brake it, the right wheel spins the left does not... But it is new, and I expected there to be a couple hiccups. The things I do like on it tho, the height adjustment is nice(also the reason I'm going to switch all our 21's over to Exmarks) the side discharge, mulching, and bagging set up is nice, it bags like a champ!! Mulches meh, okay... not great, but I love the cheap simple mulch plug over the toro 21 contraption!

    Overall, I think this mower would be perfect for someone who has a lot of midsized yards and isnt ready to put a 500lb 36 on the ground yet, I don't think the BOP mowers arereal commercial, so with that being said this is a nice step closer to a larger commercial mower that isn't in the thousands. But for 10-20k ft lots, that are pretty flat, and are mowed weekly this is nice! The cut needs to be better IMHO for the lawns we cut.

    edit: For those concerned about the power plant, one thing I haven't had a problem with is this mower being underpowered, it's done a great job at the overgrown properties we've taken on!! I am in Dallas tho, so St Augustine, Bermuda, and weeds are all we see.
  8. TMlawncare

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    You really might want to demo one first before making judgement. I too thought it would be underpowered. The first day I demoed one I knew I had to have one. The thing is fast and the controls are very similier to our toro prolines. When you turn on the blades you know right off the bat this is unlike any 21." We have had ours for around 2.5 months now and use it daily in all conditions. Wet, dry, tall, limp grass like I said all conditions. We mowed a heavy fertilized lawn that is irrigated. The grass was and easy 8" It was about 4" above the deck skirt. I could mow through it at a good 3-4mph and the cut was flawless. The engine bogged a little but so would my 60" turf tracer going through that. Now I did have the bag on and I am sure that help a lot. That Kawasaki engine is very impressive. Hills are its downfall due to the machines weight. Now of course we still use it on some crazy steep hard to mow areas but it is a workout. Of all the 30" models on the market I think the Exmark is hands down the finest of the bunch for the commercial contractor.
  9. Holland

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    The more I hate on this mower. The more I realize I really kinda like this sucker!
  10. vegandude

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    And the crowd starts to snicker followed with much laughter. This mower is one of those "no turning back" items that you have to keep around

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