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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Hawkeye5, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Hawkeye5

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    Well it has been a rough year so far. Started well, and I was so busy I Golden't keep up (solo). Bought a new trailer, and then things started downhill. Lost some accounts because of price in June. Another profitable client recently placed their house on the market. Hurt my back. Coil went out on the Z. Rain, rain and more rain made scheduling a pain. Had some problems with my right foot that made walking painful. All in all, I was in a funk. Yesterday afternoon as I was finishing my last yard I remembered why I do this. I get to work in God's wonderful outdoors doing something I enjoy (well, most of the time) and something I take pride in doing well. I'm not cooped up in a cubicell (not a spelling error), I get exercise for free rather than paying to join a gym, and I get alot of satisfaction from running a business. Not to mention that a cold beer tastes so much better when you're tired and hot. So now I'm out of my funk. I've stopped feeling sorry for myself and am back on top. So why do some of ya'll do this?
  2. fga

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    glad you're feeling better. I have my ruts, and then i come out of them and I feel on top again. just a few weeks ago, i had a " bad week thread", this week, i have a "i'm flying through my lawns" thread!! But I'm solo with 1 guy, so I know its easy to get backed up when even little things go wrong. You're always going to lose some accounts no matter what you do, and vice versa.

    What I've learned from working solo is, never procrastinate, even if you're ahead of schedule, cuz tommorrow things could happen and it won't be as a big a deal. (not saying you procrastinate, But I'm a major!) that's why i did a few today, 2 days a head of schedule.
  3. HighGrass

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    I think everbody gets a case of the "Funks" once in while. The smell of fresh cut grass brings it allll back.
  4. Expert Lawns

    Expert Lawns LawnSite Silver Member
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    I do this to learn. About myself and about business.
  5. ahfd311

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    i have no friggin idea why i do this
  6. Tharrell

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    I'm still working a 3rd shift job and struggling to get to full time with this. I'm with you, couldn't have put it in better terms. Only regret is not doing it earlier. The money I get doing this is more precious than my paycheck from my job. I like the creative aspect too.
  7. KenH

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    :laugh: :laugh:
  8. txlawnking

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    I do it Because I like it, to learn about business, and improving my people skills/sales ability.
  9. Firstclasslawn

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    I do it because I hate having other people tell me what to do, I do it because I do not want to be 2 years away from retiring and have someone fire me just because they do not want to pay my benefits, I do it so if I wak up at 8:15 instead of 7:30 then who cares its my decision, and I also do it because I like seeinga nicely cut lawn when I am finished, and most importantly I do it becaus ethere is no greater thing then to be out in Gods earth tilling and working the land and being one with nature...... But yes it does suck really bad sometimes.. keep your head up
  10. bobbygedd

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    i do this because it gives me the lifestyle i desire. and cold beer tastes great when you are hot and sweaty. and also when you're not

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