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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Tomari Landscaping, Nov 29, 2003.

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    I have been mowing since a child. By trade I am a custom fishing rod builder. My wife said why dont you cut lawns and do landscaping as a business since you like being in the yard so much. Well I bought a old truck,a 3/4 ton 1983 Chevy (a workhorse) and a trailer and a mower. I went door to door and soon had a ton of work. I stay busy now as much if not more than I want. I found out the hard way the mowers and blowers you get cheap are just that,cheap. This is a great business. After a year I have three trailers,tractor,bush hog,few better mowers (Saving for a good Z mower),blowers,weedeaters. I average around seven properties per week now most are 1.5 -2.5 acres. Now it is fall,well almost winter and I am back to rodbuilding and eager for spring. The best thing that has ever happened in my life is when my wife encouraged me to try this. I have much better health and love my job. I still have the old truck and she has served me well. I have found out and the hard way to not leave your blowers,weedeaters out of sight when you take a break. They tend to sprout legs and run. :cool2:
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    Hope you catch this... When I was in business, I got robbed 14 times in a seven year span. If it wasn't bolted down, it got stolen. I have a litany of stories. It sucked so bad that it was one of the main reasons I sold the business and moved. This happened in CA several years ago and I still hear that not much has changed. When I sold the business I wrote to the editors, local and state congressmen. They responded with pleas for me to stay(my business was growing and at the time I had three maint. crews running and one install crew) but the laws ( permits for everything!!) and the lack of response from law enforcement was why I quit! I'm much happier to consult and take care of the college i now work for.

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