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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Darrin A., Apr 29, 2007.

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    people think they can tell us how to price but don't argue with the phone company, electric company, cable company etc. when they get their bills? Maybe we here should all change our names to "LS Lawns and Landscaping". Then would we be big enough not to have this happen?
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    Probably because there are only a very limited number of companies that offer these services (electric, phone, cable, etc.) whereas there are a "boatload" of "landscaping" companies out there (and I emphasize those quotes around landscaping....).
    I do the majority of residential bids (some commercial) for my company and I always feel that I am just one of the other fifty companies the customer has called....PRICE PRICE PRICE....that is all it comes down too. Well, I have no problem with that but, lets compare apples with apples, eh? Is the company I am competing with using class A stock and healthy sizes or are they purchasing their plantings from the local home improvement store? Are they taking the necessary steps to properly install that retaining wall....or is there base material comprised of dirt? Is that company insured? Do they have any experience? YADA YADA YADA....the list goes on and on and we as lanscaping estimators must face facts......every new "mom and pop" landscaping company that starts up makes it even more difficult for us to sell a job.
    To bad that when I meet with a customer that we cant concentrate more on the actual work then the price.....

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