Why is Kubota so tight-lipped?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by CCWKen, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. CCWKen

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    I've been searching the web for info on the Z400 diesel and a wiring diagram but info is sparse to say the least (G3200). I did see one site that indicates Kubota does not allow it's dealers to sell parts via the internet. Whut up wit dat?

    There's no way to even look up maintenance items like filters. You'd think that the market would be chomping at the bit to have parts sent to their door. I can't even find manuals!

    Is this some kind of National Security requirement that you have to show your face in a dealership?
  2. fixer67

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    They are like some other companies I know of, they thank it is still 1950. And some of these companies are owned buy overseas companies that thank it still 1850.Today is the age of information and companies that do not get up to speed are going to lose business. People now days are less likely to buy something that they can not get manuals and IPLs and such on line. The more a company keeps to itself the less it will gain in todays market place. The more a company "gives away" in the form of manuals and IPLs and other information the more they will gain in the end. You can not go fishing with a hook alone it has to be baited and companies that bait they hooks with manuals and other stuff is going to be the winner.
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    Hi, I've been a member of this forum for some time but rarely post,but this one has me interested. I'm not sure I understand the statement about Kubota being tight lipped.
    I'm an Equipment Manager at a private country club in upstate NY(20 years). I maintain several pieces of equipment with Kubota's in them. I have parts and shop manuals for these machines with complete wiring diagrams for both the entire traction unit's and engines alone.
    If I ever have questions,I can call my dealer,and if they can't provide me with an answer,they will contact Kubota,and I soon will have.
    I've also found many websites where you can get just about anything you need.
  4. SodKing

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    If you would..please share the web addresses. I think a lot of people have been looking for kubota sites.
  5. Joe B J

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    I did a google for "Kubota parts" got a lot of hits.
  6. BobQ

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    That's exactly what I did,so I don't think it's necc to post all the ones I found. I don't know what ALL is sold for Kubota engines,but there are quite a few sites. All I did was type in "Where can I buy Kubota deisel parts"
    Also,as far as dealers are concerned,maybe I'm in a unique area of the country or position,being a tech at a country club,but I've had no problem with parts or info from my dealer. They bend over backwards to get what I need.
  7. BobQ

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  8. CCWKen

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    Obviously, you haven't been to any of those "many websites". I spent two nights weeding through hundreds of websites that had hits on Kubota Parts but every one of them had Inquiry Forms that you fill out. They didn't have any type of catalog or parts list. Most of them required a part number, some a part description. Abount the only thing they sell is oil and air filters.

    As you have mentioned, I did run accros Tractorsmart. They seem to be the only one that sells SOME parts via the internet. I'm assuming these are grey market parts since the other dealers claim Kubota will not let them sell their parts over the net. The prices don't seem to be a grey-market value though. Besides that, they don't list a G3200!

    A simple cure would be to buy $200 in manuals. The problem is that manuals for a G3200 and the Z400 aren't available. I have great praise for Briggs & Stratton. They have parts breakdowns for just about every engine they've made since the 70's online and available free of charge. It's easy enough to look up the part you need and buy it. Even Sears has parts diagrams online.

    Kubota is so secret about their parts, you'd never know that the glow plugs are NGK-Y103V.

    By the way, I may be putting an almost new Alternator and Regulator on ebay. I think they fit the G4200 also. Heck, they could fit any engine with an available pulley. I'm going with a larger Alternator to run heavy-draw electrics.

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