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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JoeyD, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Perfect, Joey just wondering. How does Unique or Uniques design division aquire design work and how does it market in d.ifferent cities for work? I am just wondering about the approved bidders list. How will you aquire design work in my area for me to bid on for example? just curious? I know there is a ton of commercial work being done in Indy right now, just wondering how you get your foot in the door here?
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    Right or wrong your local BK, Lumiere, Kim, Hydrel reps have all the commerical work. Its a very un-rewarding, but high paying niche. A handful of reps in your area hold the keys to most all of the commercial work. The last job we did had the worst design by someone that had a catalog and cad on their computer as their skillset. Then union electricians tried to stop me from working by asking for my union card. The problem was they had to card everybody at that point, not just me. Shut the whole project down for the day.
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    That is a pretty broad sweeping generalization that I don't agree with. Sure the local agencies and to some degree the Reps have strong networks and inroads into the design/build architecture and construction outfits, but that doesnt mean that you cannot succeed in amassing a good, strong commercial lighting design business. Good design, strong product and application knowledge, and a willingness to work alongside compliementary design professionals & trades can go a long way to securing lots of commercial lighting work. Oh, and by the way, I find it very rewarding.

    Don't let anyone tell you it isnt possible, train up, read up, and apply yourself.

    Just Do It.
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    I have to agree with James on this, dern it, just kidding, but you can make inroads into commercial work for sure. But, it takes some work, and James will probably have to agree with me on that, sorry James, lol...

    It's so different in every market though, sometimes the reps are heavily involved, sometimes the arch firm doesnt have good relationships with the reps so feel the architects out then just ask questions and talk with people. The rep firms should know you though as a colleage not a competitor.

    Most people on this forum have no problem typing so I'm sure many are good talkers...ask questions and keep track of everyone's names involved in a project(s). The most imprtant thing is to know who's making the decisions on what. Alot of time the owner is involved more than anyone even thinks. Those are the good jobs we have a good chance with. A hotel is being built, someone usually owns that hotel.

    Sorry for contributing to thread jack.
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    Yes he is right, it does take some work. But then, what doesn't take some work to make sucessful? I just assume that we all have worked very hard at building our businesses to the point where they are now. If you are a stranger to hard work, then this biz is probably not up your alley.

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    Unique is actively pursuing architect and designer spec. Mike Myers for example is calling on Architects and designers as much as he is calling on distributors or contractors. So Mike Myers/our reps issue the offer to these design professionals to utilize our SDSP design program or at minimum is explaining the LITE program to them. Either way the goal is to have these professionals who are designing our systems on a daily basis to write into the spec that the installer MUST be LITE certified. This will help us in preventing what has happened in the past which is we do or help with this unbelievable design only to have the project rewarded to the lowest bid. This guy then hacks in some system not as intended and to cut even more $$ he switches all the products to whatever he prefers to use.

    This spec locker not only helps us ensure the time we spend on helping create a design but also the job the designer intended goes in as it was designed on plan.

    But remember Tim, its not just architects and designers who will be referring to the LITE program list of certified contractors. We will also be referring all homeowners as well as all General Contractors to this list. Over time this list should develop into a really good resource to find qualified installers.

    Now for you guys who don't use Unique and don't intend too on your every day projects this program can benefit you as well. I am sure that if a job is designed all Unique and is handed to you for bid you would love to do the job so this is a good reason to get involved to atleast have a shot at installing these jobs. You too can be LITE certified so you can have the opportunity to bid on these projects done through SDSP and our design partners. Doesnt mean you have to be loyal to Unique, GE, USHIO, or any of our other LITE partners it just means that should you have the opportunity to bid on a 24v system designed by us or an architect that you have the knowledge to bid and install it. Bottom line is this program is just more education for you with the potential to gain work!!!!
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    All excellent points and understood. Here all the good commerical work goes to independant reps first, which spec the product and then out for bids. Very profitable work, but if you try to change the eco-system its like beating your head on the wall. Example, IESNA FC standards for commerical properties trump good design due to liability issues every time. Last year I was offered a job to install a truck load of bega leds as up lights, but the area was flooded with post mounted hid's.........I proposed some alternatives and someone else got the 600 per fixture install, you can't even tell there on. What a waste, but to each his own. Also if your not a EC, your out of luck.
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    Good info thanks guys. I am just looking to add a commercial factor to the residential side. As far as EC's, I got that covered completely inhouse now.
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    Mr. Quick Electric!!! Welcome to the site. We once knew another Tim Ryan. Nice guy!!!


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