Why not buy a ZTR Cub Cadet at Lowes?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Advance The Man, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Advance The Man

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    The Cub Cadet at Lowes's is $2999 with a Briggs Intek 22 hp (50" cut).

    The other ZTR is located at a reliable small dealer. It's a Gravely 1740 with a Kohler Courage 17 hp and 40" cut for $3200.

    I have about .75 acre of land to mow. It is is 100% St Augustine Grass. I only want to mulch.

    How can I justify going with the smaller, less powerful mower that costs more.

    I have read tons of threads here, I know many of you are purists with your mowers, please give advice based for a homeowner not a professional.
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  3. hartmas

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    First of all, NEVER buy a lawn mower from Lowes because when it breaks you will be without that mower for 6 - 8 weeks. Lowes is horrible for fixing mowing equiptment fast.
    Go to a local dealer in your area. Like a farm and home store. Yazoo/Kees makes an awesome homeowner mower for about 3200. Just my advice but try to buy from a lawn mower shop not from a chain.
  4. Advance The Man

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    not helpful
  5. Advance The Man

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    But, do you see what I'm saying? I am Joe Blow residential owner. I don't have to have the commercial version. If I pay a little more for a better quality residential ZTR at a local small dealer, I don't get more, I get a lot less. I get -8" on the cut and -5hp. I am looking for an answer to "How is that worth it?" Regarding Lowes, I would have a 4 year at home warranty. The warranty requires a replacement if they take it for service. I bought a Scotts (by John Deere) in 1998 from Home Depot with a Kohler 17 hp and it's been fine, not one problem.

    Thanks, ATM

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    You Should Check Out Home Depot Also.toro And Husky Also Make Ztr Models Designed For The Homeowner.if Your In Jax.,fla.try Home Depot At Regency Location.theres A Lowes Across The Street.look At Both Places Before You Buy.
  7. Advance The Man

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    Home Depot has a smaller, less powerful Toro (think it is a 17 hp with a 42") for the same amount for the larger, more powerful Cub Cadet. I'm finding it hard not to buy this Cub Cadet.

  8. Travis Followell

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    I'm sure that Cub would be an excellent choice for you considering the size of your yard. That machine was made for people like you. Before you buy it at Lowe's you could probibly go to your local Cub dealer and buy it at about the same price as Lowe's is selling it for so that way you would have dealer support if the machine went down. You can go to www.cubcadet.com and do a search and find a dealer in your area. If there's no dealer in your area then don't hesitate to go to Lowe's and buy one. Hope that helps.
  9. Advance The Man

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    It does help. You are telling me what I want to hear. Pay less, get more for what I'm gonna use it for. I test drove it. I wish it were a bit faster, but the only way is for a commercial. I want it now, grass is prime for cutting and I've contacted two dealers for used comm'l mowers to no avail. Thanks.

  10. nov141992

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    You mentioned that you have a Scotts Lawn tractor that has been fine so I'm curious why are you looking to replace your existing tractor? Is it mainly a matter of the ZTR will reduce the time?

    I've never tried a ZTR tractor but one thing I've read is that they can be not good on hills. In fact I've seen ads for roll bars for certain models. Of course you may not have hills on your lot and you test drove it anyways.

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