why paver driveway prices vary so much

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by BrandonV, May 18, 2013.

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    All I can say is - we ain't touched a paver since March! We start our jobs on Mondays, and finish on Thursdays. Fridays around lunch time we're off to race mx. oh the life!

    But I did a follow up call yesterday for a job I priced last week. The lady says "you're a little higher than the other estimate I got". I say "ok, well did you compare their proposal to mine and make sure they're proposing to do this and do that, etc"? She says "no, they haven't sent me a proposal yet, he gave me a price verbally, he was going to check on the cost of the permit before he sent me a proposal".

    ok - well, in that county the permits are $125.00 If the guy doesn't know how much the permit costs.........then to me that's a red flag.

    My proposal is very detailed. And the e-mail gets into detail of what we're proposing, AND I EVEN INCLUDE PICTURES! Basically, I'm backing up my claims. I'm going over some things to be aware of, things that I addressed in my e-mail, and this lady acted as if it was the 1st time she heard this stuff. That's all she did, she opened my proposal and she only looked at the price, nothing else.
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    The question is do they expect a low mowing price because of the hardscape contract or a discounted hardscape price because of the recurring mowing agreement.

    On the bright side I got paid for a drainage consultation the other day which is not something the market has been willing to accept for 5 or so years. So things aren't all gloom.

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