Why should someone use a lawn care service instead of doing it themselves?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Aaron's Lawn Care, Apr 27, 2006.

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    I'm writing a paper for one of my classes and I'm writing on why someone should use a professional lawn care company (I'm talking mainly about the lawn mowing aspect of the business) as opposed to doing it themselves. Besides the obvious reasons of giving them more free time, not having to do hard manual labor, and the lawn actually looking better (in most cases), what other reasons can you come up with?
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    It's simple for us. A large precentage of our clientele are no longer phsycially able to care for their own lawn.
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    go to my website then click on links and there is a great page .
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    thats a helpful page, thanks for the link.
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    That's a great link James

    I suppose this is a Resi ??

    Unless it's a big Condo or Hotel with a maintenance crew or such .... fore them they may see it's cheaper ...more than likely they pay their people good money .... have em on a med plan, insurance ... would mean hiring extras just to get it done or the regular maintenance guy might get OT or just not want too do it .....no equip to buy, store & maintain .... they do the numbers and see it cheaper to out-source lawn care ....

    That's what DOT & many Cities do .... more much of the road ways ... they can out-source the job ....get a bunch in there .... trying to win the job with the lower price ....n that price is less if they did the work in-house

    Fore me .... the way I see it .... the #1 Reason .... Convenience

    It's easy ..... Sure the Pro has the equip ..... knowledge (out on a limb on that one) ..... the labor .....yada yada

    But really fore most .... the cost of a Pro vs the quality of life ....ie spend more time with family ...it's nice to come home n see it done .....

    The next I see is the Physical aspect ..... single mom or older age makes it hurt more than paying someone ....

    Even the single guy whom works 50-60 hrs or what have you ... they come home ....cut the yard ...... why .... when your pulling down $75k or even more get into the 6 digits of yearly .... why cut the grass ... $1-2K per year savings plus the lost time to go out n enjoy life

    It's just Convenient
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    Some bs:
    If everybody did what they do best, we'd have it made. I feel people should concentrate on what they enjoy doing and if grasscutting is it, then by all means. But if it isn't, it actually makes sense to pay someone else to take care of this so you have more time to concentrate on what you do enjoy.
    As an example of this, I hire someone to powerwash my house because it's a job I can't DEAL with, even though I could do it and have done it (once, never again I said).

    I pay people to wash my cars, my truck, and my trailer when I'm busy - If I could stay as busy as in spring year-round, I'd always pay to have them washed and I mean hand-washed, 60 bucks for the truck and trailer easy if you just wash / dry it... The cars I need detailed inside and out, 80-100+ each no problem, 120-150 if you're thinking wax, we're in business - sparkling clean thou, they're bmw's.
    If I made more money, I'd hire someone to clean my house weekly, as things stand I drop 600 once / year in spring for a one-time cleanup... Not sure if this is cheaper but I just don't got it the rest of the year. But no, I don't clean house, sorry.

    Why? Because I LOVE grass cutting and if all I did was cut grass from sunup to sundown, I would gladly pay more to folks to do the stuff I don't care to deal with. And if everybody saw things this way, we would actually get much, much further ahead.

    Some other bs:
    Heat stroke come July-August when the temps soar to heat indexes of 104+
    LEAVES - I only do leaves for customers who have been with me the entire year.
    No maintenance, no time involved, no worrying about when it needs it, is it really cheaper to do it yourself?
    Thank you.
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    Dont laugh!! I have one client that works out while I am there mowing. He lifts weights and such. Feels strange though. The g/f though. Well enough said.
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    most people don't want to take the time to do it themselves. They pay the money and have the weekends free
  9. jcltyson

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    As previously mentioned:

    * Most likely the results will be a better cut-more desirable finished product

    *The customer has no expensive, selective equipment to purchase and maintain for all needs of the 'yard' (i.e. cutting, trimming, hedging, applying pesticide/herbicide...)

    * freeing up personal time, not only physical time but mental time (customer no longer has to concern themselves about planning how and when and what if something breaks....they just make the call, pay the man when its done and enjoy the view)

    * Customer now will have a confidant/friend they can consult on any lawn/turf issues. If the relationship is good the customer can feel as if the lawn service person is an expert in the field and can provide info and direction on any turf/ornamental issues that may arise without the fear of being 'taken' by the service.

    Just off the top of my head....I'm sure theres more.
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    Easy answer for us here! By July the average daily high temperature is 97.

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