Why so many lawn care companies for sale?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by GFXMN, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Blade Runners

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    So how is the market in FL?
  2. It's good for me. Then again I'm not just a grass cutter only. I service upper end to wealthy people. The guys who cut grass only fight for the $15 cuts....
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  3. dKoester

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    I noticed a lot less LCOS this year. I kept this to myself, then my brother said the same thing to me. So i'm like wow what happened. Just glad I'm not the only one who noticed.
  4. Also, the average size mower needed in fl would easily be a 32-36" which def don't cost 10-K.
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  5. zturncutter

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    Ric is spot on, my oldest just graduated from college last year and is working in his field as an engineer. The money came from cutting grass in Florida, both from what he earned working for me and what I paid for directly.
  6. larryinalabama

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    Florida is a "tranisent" state, meaning people move there and move from there all the time. Its warm and alot of people retire there so thers a lot of lawn companies, theus theres alot of lawn companies for sale. Just my theory.

    I will say I havent seen the usual flood of new lawn companies in my area this year, mabey people have figured this aint no way to get rich.
  7. GFXMN

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    Wow thanks for all the replies. Like i said these long winters sure make me think. I bet the hot summers in florida would have me on craigslist looking for businesses up here haha. Sounds like i have to hook the plows up again. Looking at 2 to 4 inches thursday and another 2 to 4 on friday.
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  8. Landscape Poet

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    Exactly how big are this operations of people you are talking too? You know that the affordable health care will not effect most Florida LCO or PCO operations because they do not employ enough people from my understanding.
  9. zturncutter

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    (Davidson) I didn't know there were that many LCO's with over 50 employees.
  10. Landscape Poet

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    Maybe we really are doing something wrong because we must be in the minority here not having 50 employees I guess!
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