Why some call them Bobcrap

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Dirtman2007, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Dirtman2007

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  2. 4.3mudder

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    Lol. Haha lol
  3. Junior M

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    Never had that problem out of the 335, or two 331's that we've used over the years. and havent had it out of any of the bobcat mini's we've rented these last couple years, only the darn 430, the only difference between what that one and ours was doing was ours would actually move the stick back and forth. The tracksticks would do just about the same thing, except they were unreactive, you either had to go fullbore or nothing, if you were inbetween the machine would jerk back and forth and start bouncing back and forth on the tracks like you had a bucket full of dirt, except moving alot faster...
  4. Danscapes

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    The only thing stupid about it was the operator standing outside the machine using the controls while a car drives by,LOL Whats OSHA's number again?
  5. finegrade

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    I saw this same type of joystick movement on a Krupp crane, its really strange,
    look at the bigger picture, Bobcat us built in the USA, something that some people should appreciate more. I agree this is really weird, but all in all the 430ZHS is not a bad machine, definitely not the best in terms of performance!

  6. Dirtman2007

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    You've never moved the bucket while standing on the track? Everytime I grease the machine I just hop up on the track and curl the boom and bucket in while standing outside.
  7. ksss

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    Maybe its BC's new hand vibrator/massage option. Has anyone else had a BC excavator do that? I have never seen a machine do that.

    I am sure BC Ron's girlfriend would be all over that excavator.:laugh:
  8. Junior M

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    I wonder what causes it...
    Like I said before I've had it happen, kinda creepy the first time it happened...
  9. mrsops

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    That never happened to me with any of my bobcat excavators that i have owned
  10. Dirt Digger2

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    when i am greasing our 3-stick CASE backhoes i will grease what i can then stand either on the ground at the back of the machine or on the boom pivot to move the bucket to get to the other fittings...HAHA...efficiency at its finest

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