Why some make it and others don't.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dmk395, Nov 11, 2001.

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    Once I turn on the charm my potential customers turn into lifetime customers at the price I want to be at (most of the time).

    Being able to sell yourself and show interest in their needs goes a long way. I think making someone feel comfortable in the first 2 minutes is the first step in winning them over.
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    John (Gusbuster), excellent thoughts. That's the attitude we use to run our business.

    I sit back a lot of the times and read how some carry such high overhead. I wonder, do they really know their cost for doing business? Then in their next post they are asking for ideas for winter income to get them thru the winter. :confused:

    I say buy what you need to make your business run well, but stay grounded also. We have all of our bills paid until April 2002. We sit back all winter long enjoying our time with the family, and knowing we supported ourselves decently working 8 months out of the 12. We buy what we need to do quality work, but never get in over our head.

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