Why spend the money?????


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I have come up with an idea on how to save money!, Jungle Jim's Products are expensive in my opinion! The boot that holds a push mower in place is 50 bucks, so is the gas can holder! You can build these things out of scrap wood that most of us have in our shops or garages! I built a gas can rack out of 2x4's and furring strips!, and a push mower wheel boot out of the same wood, instead of wasting the money maybe we all ought to be a little creative, and build something with our own 2 hands.


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How about posting a some pics of your creative ideas?
I'm curious to see how they turned out, I'm in need of some new gas can holders as well.


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I think Greenmachine's post was more of a general thing. A good comment by the way, on why we (as a whole industry) don't just get creative on our own, and always seem to look for someone else to do the work on what seems to be the simple stuff.

I think there's two answers to this though.
1) we mow lawns, that's where we are experienced, everything else is best left to those who are experienced in those fields.
2) we should be creative when the value warrants it, and also when any safety of the structure has not been sacrificed. This is probably a better answer.

the thing you have to consider, is time and materials. sure, materials may cost $5, but if it takes an hour to do, then it's ending up costing you materials, plus whatever you did not make by mowing for an hour, so if $60, then it's costing you $65, and doesn't seem like such a deal anymore.

just some thoughts.

me being smaller, and with a little more free time, I try to fabricate and build as much as possible, to save cash on hand, so I agree with do it yourself. If I was larger, and had a full schedule, there's no way I'd stop to try and reinvent the wheel.


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Excellent post twins. If you've got the time, go ahead and make what you want.

Randy Scott

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Originally posted by GreenMachine102
You can build these things out of scrap wood that most of us have in our shops or garages!

And it will look like you built them out of scrap wood. I prefer to buy the slick little items that are available to us and that are neat and professional looking. To each his own though. If it works for you, then do it.

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