Why such cheap mowing?


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Your post made it seem like you are servicing the entire place being hired by the management company.
Never said that, and never said there was one mowing company, there are quite a few, and some homeowners cut their own lawn, I said " One MH park I do a lot of work in spraying", a LOT of work in spraying, not spraying all 1100+ homes.

You totally missed the point of the post, it was about the Price the mowing companies were charging down here. Most posts in this thread were talking about the price per cut, I was posting about how crazy the pricing was here per month. I had looked into getting into mowing Once Upon A Time, but I wouldn't do it for the pricing they charge around here, I am in business to make money, not a paycheck. I'm doing close to a 1/4 mill a year spraying with 2 full time (me and my partner) and 1 part time guy, I know I could not get anywhere near that doing mowing around here.

I turn it back over to you mowing guys....

Mark Stark

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4 guys @ $20/hr is $166,400 for 52 weeks. That leaves $295,000 for rest of overhead, which hopefully isn't that much with only 4 employees. 2 loaded trucks, insurances and rent, taxes, even if that runs $150,000, that leaves $145,000. Mow half of the complex 1 week, other half the next. Monthly payments continue during winter. I'm sure my rudimentary numbers leave out plenty, but even if you are only left with $100,00, thats about 21% profit.
You left out a big one there... Payroll tax. That would chew up another $45,000 a year or so.


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Yes, These low ballers, IF they dont pay insurance taxes, licensure, etc can charge less and have the same or more buying power. It's really not fair. The thing they cant skirt is maintenance and upkeep. I see a lot of guys doing heavy hauling with a small truck and trailer. They may be running themselves out of business if they arent charging enough to keep good equipment.