why sundays


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south eastern pa
Is it me or does it seem like every landscaper is working on Sunday's like its there scheduled day. What happened to the day of relaxing and hanging with your kids, family or friends.

Yard Perfect

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Saturday is for golf and spouse, Sunday same, except might throw in some fly fishing. If you can't make it without weekends, one should work smarter or get more help.


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central Arkansas
we work on Sunday every now again. have a few strip malls that need their lot blowed off and that is the only day that they are closed


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northern jersey
Just starting out i know in my mind if i have alot of landscape jobs coming up and the customers don't mind me there on sundays, i will work 7 days a week. Being young i can handle it. During the last summer i worked 2 jobs. Several weeks in a row i pulled 75hr weeks. I know where i want to be in 5 years and the only way i am going to get there is hardwork. I realized if i give up some fun now it will pay off in the long run.
I have a proablem turning down money.


Randy Scott

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In the heart of the busy season we will work seven days a week. That lasts about three months and that's enough by then. I like money and I like to work hard. I have all winter to relax and do nothing. I bust a hump for nine months and then relax the other three. Aside from snow plowing, I pretty much relax all winter. I like that lifestyle. To each his own. If working your butt off is what you want to do, do it. It takes something different for everyone to make themselves happy. No right or wrong answer here.