Why the non-toro 30-36" mower appears popular

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by topsites, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. topsites

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    First off, any mower with a deck smaller than 44" in width is a big waste of time. They consume just as much fuel, and the small decks hardly get the job done. Bluntly speaking, a 4-foot deck gets 25 percent more work done than a 3-footer, for the same money. But ...

    Meanwhile, everyone knows the Toro T-bar is the best control out there. Thus, it would make sense to buy the 48" Toro model 30197 for 3 grand and be done with it. But, why doesn't everybody do that?

    Toro produces a limited number of machines every year, some of every size and configuration and since everybody wants a Toro, there exists a waiting list... And with any brand, the larger the deck, the rarer the machine.
    Yet you can find a Anybrand 30-36 inch mower anytime, anyday.
    But if it's a Toro with a large deck, that's a ueber-rare machine, much like an exotic automobile - It is hard to find, and even with a brand-new one with cash in hand, it can take up to a month or longer before you have your mower.

    Ahhh but the dealers are smart, Johnny needs a mower NOW not in a month!
    Well, we have this 3-footer, sir :D
    And, the first 3-foot deck is sold to the unsuspecting noob.

    Old-timers are not immune to the disease, either. Comes a customer who just begs and whines and somehow there exists a soft spot and they hit it just right, and oh allright, old-timer goes out and buys a 3-footer so he can get through the stupid gate.

    A year later, old-timer can't stand the thought of the 3-footer anymore.
    Johnny noob meanwhile, he's either out of business because his 3-footer couldn't cut enough grass / hour, or he's sore from the mistake as well.
    Both put their 3-foot deckers up for sale.
    And, who comes along, just in time?
    Another old-timer or Johnny noob who has never experienced the bs associated with 3-foot decks, and they quickly convince him 'hey look it gets through all those small gates!" Yeah, yeah, that's it, that's the ticket! And of course, no large decks anywhere in sight, especially not a Toro... And if you do find one, it's just way over-priced, yes, it sure is.

    Hence the 3-footers get handed down from generation to generation, I see the same mowers make the rounds every year.
  2. Richard Martin

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    All-righty then. You don't even want to know why I have 2 36 inchers then.
  3. LawnBrother

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    I'll take one a them cheap 36's yall got floatin' round down thar.....
  4. Pro-Scapes

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    all sizes of mowers have thier place. If your doing small cookie cutter lawns a 36 might be the way to go or even a 21. For bigger yards like I do you want nothing less than 48. Some of my props I could really open up a 72 but I needed 1 machine to do it all. I carry a 21 for a few tight spots and gated yards I have. All depends on you yards and clientel.

    Im trying to get away from mowing and maint altho I do plan to keep my zmaster and maybe get a wb and set up a 1 or 2 man crew while I focus on our lighting upstart.

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    Hey, What About The Cub Cadet Z Wing 48? You Get The Gate Access Without Loosing The 48 Cutting With.
  6. Az Gardener

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    Different strokes for different zones I guess. I have never seen anything bigger than a 21" toro around here. When bigger mowers are used it is all Walkers and Bobcats now Ferris is making a push into the market in this area. But nothing over 42"-48" unless it is the parks and rec dept. Bigger mowers especially for residences are just not practical with the avg lot size 10-k or less you typically end up with less than 3-K worth of turf. Blanket statements usually end up followed by "well yea except for that". If I ever move to a rural area with lots of flat or gently sloping turf I will heed your advise.
  7. Mowingman

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    Actually, I hate the Toro "T Bar" control. It is way far from being the best steering system out there. My crews would not even load our Toro, with T Bar, on the trailers. They would all fight to get anything but that machine. Finally sold it and got another pistol grip machine. In my opinion, the Gravely Prosteer, and the Exmark steering system are far superior to the old Toro T Bar.

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    I may be wrong but I thought that we got into this to make money, At least I did! So therefore I put the mower on the property that is the most productive and gives the best return. A 48" mower has no place on one of my 5 acre+ lots or one of my small residential. I have 21"- 36" 44" 48" and 60" mowers all for a reason.
    T bar and Hydro do not mix and belt and profit do not mix therefore I can not use t-bar.
    Sorry I can not help you with your dealer problems. My dealer is financially sound enough so that I am able to buy any mower in any size with in 10 min. at any time of the year. I think you need to find a better dealer.
    Sounds like somebody is sour about not being able to buy what they need to do business:)
  9. South Florida Lawns

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    I have a 32'' wb

    And used to own 32'' standers

    Great for getting inside 36-48 inch gates.

    They are light and will get in some tight places the z could never get in.
  10. mulcahy mowing

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    I have a 36" and need it all the time.

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