Why they say to stay solo...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 205mx, Mar 31, 2013.

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    Well said !!!
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    :clapping: Just read the cover story from this months issue of Turf. If you aren't accounting for EVERY expense you could be losing money and not even know it :hammerhead:
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    Someone with a piece of brain is finally talking. LOL :clapping:

    good info
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    My Total phone bill for our family plan runs about $125.00 a month Four phones. Since my Phone is 1/4 of that $33.00 The Phone is used for both personal and Biz. so 1/2 of $33.00= $16.50 at most (if audited you would need show how you came to that firgure, like truck miles just not worth the hassle) per month that I legit. can write off. If I had a separate plan that I paid $100.00 per month I could write that off. I am just saying not worth it when the phone I use is under a family plan and if I got audited that would come into question.

    I guess I could fudge some things and just take my chances but would rather just not have to leave anything to chance.

    Why hire a CPA for such a small BIZ anyway? The things that you can legit deduct HR block would have in their program. I am not running a full-scale company.

    And nor do I want to. This thread is about why they stay Solo. Well one reason is to have something to do that makes decant money after working for a Co. for 30 plus years, retiring, collect a pension, and supplement it working doing something you love. With out the headaches that come from a full scale operation.

    It also takes a certain type of person to meet the demands of overseeing a large operation. A lot of people just don't have what it takes. Some have been bosses over and under people for a very long time and just want to be their own boss. It has very little to do with how much money I can make as a Solo operator. it is just the flexibility it offers at my stage of life.
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    ↑ getting your business' taxes done by h&r block, good joke!!! :laughing:
    A trusted CPA isn't that much more and the knowledge that most of them possess is 2nd to none.
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    As a solo operator I have no flexibility in life, yes I make my own hours and choose when I want to work but that is usually for the worse. I work ALL THE TIME. 60 plus hours a week. My business controls me. Once April hits my wife thinks I died. Roll out at 8 and get home at dark usually, eat dinner, shower, go to bed... everyday same cycle. If I get home before 6 I feel like a bum. Saturdays, work about 6-8 hours. I can never go on vacation in the summer. Vacation means lost revenue, lots of it, and a messed up schedule. If I do go on vacation I have to work a saturday 10-12 hours and a sunday 10-12 hours just to make up the time im going to be off plus do it again when I get back just to make up what I missed. All for an extend week-end far day vacation. It would be nice to take off or take care of something even family related for a couple days and have someone who can handle things and make me some money. Can't take off in the winter either because who knows when it will snow. My life would be 100% more flexible with a legit job with paid time off and some vacation and sick days. Nothing like going to work and vomiting behind a customers shrubs, done it, but had to work because nobody else was going to do my work for me.

    As for H&R Block... your kidding right? Get an accountant.
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    This thread is not about the good things of being solo. When I started this rather successful thread, it was actually to hear from guys that aren't saying "solo is the best way" it was to hear from people who have ran a successful business. I am starting to think most of those guys are off doing something and no on LS
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    You need an employee in the field with you during the summer, paying out $450/week (or less depending on how much they work) and you'll probably be able work a 5 day week. Yes, your margins are lower but as your company grows the margins are lower but the volume earned on those margins is much larger than a solo op could do, not to mention 1 person can't maintain a 10 acre comm property weekly.
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    I've doun that in the summer when I have help, my PERSONAL productivity goes up as well because the workload Isnt as overwhelming.
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    yeah I run a solo business with on average 40-50 weekly accounts.

    I pay a CPA $30 a year to do my taxes. I'm certainly not trusting a place like h&r block.

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