Why this business?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bassman, Apr 10, 2000.

  1. yardsmith

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    this is same as my post back in Jan. on &quot;reincarnation&quot; about what we all did in our past lives. <br>I worked full time as machinist & part time lawn care for past 6 years. This year we are done (hopefully) with babies & want to go full time, so 2000 is the big sendoff for us into full time lawn/landscaping.<br>Been doing warehouse work & machinist/ tool& die stuff since high school; always mowed the yard at home growing up with our old jacobsen tractor, then dad moved up to a wheel horse, then a JD for our 3 acres of grass. Now he can't believe how fast MY mowers will mow his old homestead. Progress, I guess.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
  2. Toroguy

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    I was a baggage handler for NWA, low on the seniority pole. The people I worked with were great and I miss them. But people would talk about what they want to do, and never do it. Like Lone star writes, it is a cheap start-up. Maintaining the equipment and moving up on the lawn service food chain are more rewarding than getting that straggling piece of luggage to the Memphis flight.<p>Its probably a control thing.
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    Hey Toroguy,<p>Where are you located? We're in Michigan, about 15 min from Detroit Metro.<p>Andy<br>www.admservices.com
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    Hey toroguy that straggling piece of luggage didnt make it to Memphis. It never does. I live there i would know.<br>Dingo
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    I got into the lawn care business 6 years ago. i really like being outdoors, and working in the yard. so this seemed like the business to get into. it's a good feeling when you can help others out, and see the nice work you do. plus i like being my own boss. i would like to take a master gardeners class and learn more. any suggestions? have a nice day!
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    Andy,<br>Mpls airport, we completely ignored the Detroit bags...just kidding.

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