Why to use someone else other than SUNBELT

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by LawnsRUsInc., Mar 30, 2014.

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    Our first time using this establishment and this will be our last thanks to our outside sales rep Sean Z. Normally when we rent equipment they walk you through the piece of machinery you are to rent and point out all defects.. This place was not like that and now after renting a rugged machine they called us back and said "we had bent the frame and blew seals out" only after 16 hours of total use on the machine not to mention they gave us the machine with under 1/4 tank of fuel and not working properly. I am surprised at how a nation wide rental company can become so big with terrible customer service. Future renters beware of being nicked and dimed.

    Bent frame trenching for irrigation pipes..... come on...... what 12" down i was told we bent frame hitting rocks. This is on a Vermeer trencher idk track machine model sx150???. Safety switches were in opp they tried to fix it then later told us to over ride it. Should have never left with the equipment but live and learn hate to see this happen to others.

    If needing to rent equipment to roll with the demands of your business. TAKE PICTURES!!!!
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    Thanks,, they have signs up in Tulsa now.
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    They do not seem to maintain their equipment very well in my experience, which would be picking up generators from them and delivering them to emergency sites for FEMA.
  4. LawnsRUsInc.

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    We dont normally rent machines we own them just was for a $74k sprinkler job i guess from now on no more. I guess next time take photos of equipment and rent from United Rental, or a local company you can trust. I dont want to get into to to much detail about things till i see them in court.

    On another note hope you all have a great safe year make some MONEY guys and gals.
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    Wow I'm shocked. My local sunbelt store is great. Been using them for years. Equipment always in good shape with full tanks. Staff here is very knowledgeable and helpful. Never had a single problem.
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    I would think a $74K install would pay right up front for a good heavyweight trencher or plow.
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    Stopped using them years ago after several over billings. Promised them and myself that I would never use them again.
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    So you didn't say whether or not they billed you for the damages?? You said nicked and dimed?

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