Why Verticutt that Lawn?

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    Here in central and south Florida we have predominately St. Augustine grasses, for the home and business. Baseball and Soccer fields are mostly Bermuda. Also Zoysia is gaining popularity, but like Bermuda it is best mowed at around 1", and best mowed with a reel mower.
    Years ago before my gray hair, we used 3 gang Locke reel mowers on Long Island. As i remember most grasses were Bent, Fescue and Marion Blue. Then as now over seeding is done. I am not sure back then in the 60's we understood the value of the Verticutter. My memory is vague, but i believe we used a power rake? Also here in part of Florida, there is no spring and fall clean-up or over-seeding.
    Here in Pinellas County St. Augustine lawns are so out of control. One reason, my opinion, over watering (reclaimed water ) and over fertilizing. Of course it's the lawn spray programs fault (maybe ) or just a catch 22? So your in that business, you think I am crazy? These lawns needs fertilizing, pest control and weed control, every other month? Why I ask?
    So the catch 22, OK, I will draw an analogy between makeup for women and lawn spray programs! For years I have wondered why women wear makeup and most men don't? Simple some smart business man years ago figured out how to make more money! Because folks in the end it's always about the money!
    Now the lawn spray industry has lots of money tied up in equipment, employees to pay, wife's, who want to go shopping for makeup!! eke.
    And I will say " real men don't shop with there wife's " unless your a saint? Or just bring your copy of 'Atlas Shrugged ' just 1400 pages! It could take that long.
    Now you all think I am a wacko? Maybe? it is 2014, Happy New Year.
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