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Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by Andrews Lawn, Aug 19, 2002.

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    I would like to know why my post was edited about MAKING a sulky for jhawk71. Which one of the guidelines is this breaking? I would like a explanation from 1MajorTom on why they think they needed to edit it. I was not trying to sell any product. I was simply offering a service to another lawnsite member. Where is it in the Guidelines and Rules that i can't do that??
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    After editing your post, I apologize for not explaining personally to you in e-mail. I normally try to do that right after I edit a post, but I got drawn away from the computer.

    In your offer, was money to be exchanged? If so, how was I to know if you would be making any profit on this?

    I agree. This site is set up to help people in the green industry. But when money gets exchanged, it becomes tricky.
    Would you have been profiting off of this? How am I to know?

    The next thing you know, you could have 20 members e-mailing you, and you could have yourself a nice little profit going on.
    Not saying this would happen. Just saying that it could.

    Companies pay to advertise their products here so they sell them and make a profit.
    Not saying you are a "company", but if you are offering to make a product and then sell it, then there's no guarantee that profit isn't involved.
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    Andrews Lawn,

    Under the posting guidelines the first listing is:

    * Posting of items for sale or wanted items in the Used Equipment Market Place Only.

    Please list any item for sale under the "Equipment Market Place".



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