Why won't my black walnut grow?

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    Do you have any pictures of the tree/site that you could post? ESP the root flare. My guess would be if it shows signs of life give it atleast until spring and see if the husband killed it. lol. I wouldnt hold your breath for nuts at the size Im picturing. Young trees normally dont produce friuts until they are well established and a little larger.
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    Good morning!

    I bought a black walnut that is suppose to grow in my area, Central FL. After 8 months of watering twice a week as I was told to it spourted two little tiny leaves. They were very weak looking so for the second time in it's life I added fertlizer. (NOTE: I did not fertilize for the first three months per the nerseries instructions.)

    Then I went out of town and my husband did nothing. I came home and the leaves are gone and the tip is black. BUT the "stick" is still a live!

    Now it has been a total of a little over a year and still nothing. Yet the stick still has signs of life.

    It is in an area where it recieves 5 hours of direct sunlight and then thereafter flitered sunlight. Nothing seems to help to make it want to grow.

    The person I had bought it from had told me though there wouldn't be many the first year but it would produce that year. All I have seen is those first two tiny leaves.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you!

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