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Why would you do this as a new business owner

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sfddelta1, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. My best customer calls me this spring and and asks if I would like another account in the 750 a month range. It seems the landscape company that has been doing his property for several years just stopped showing up mid april and wont answer the phone. So ofcourse we jump on it and they have been a great customer.

    Fast forward to last week. One of the same customers friends calls me (who I know pretty well) and says the same crew quit cutting his house 2 weeks and he cant get them to come out and take get his yard done. So there is another 240.00 a month from this lawn care company.

    So saturday I am out on the truck because we are behind and I am in a upscale subdivsion finishing a yard and this older gentlement pulled up and asked if we would give him a price on his yard. So I walk down the street and get to talking to him and he said yea xxx lawn care had been doing my yard and I cant get them to come out anymore.

    So we pick up that account and while we are mowing it a realestate agent that lives across the street stops with the same freaking story. Pick his yard up and the neghibor across and over one stops wtih the same story and pick their yard. Thats 800 bucks a month I picked up in a hour and they all can be done in about a hour and fifteen minutes. Pluss its in a subdivsion where I already have 5. Great pickup for us.

    Then realtor guy calls monday and has found out the guy has not mowed 5 vacant houses for him and we get those as well for another 400 a month.

    So I do a little reaserach and find out this guy sold his business to a guy getting into lawncare in april and I guees the guy figured it was not for him. Just wish I could have gotten all his accounts. :laugh:

    Just amazes me.


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