Why Wright over Great Dane ? Is there a major difference ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Dancer, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. Turf Dancer

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    The question I have is why are so many people more towards wright than Great dane ? I have had a demo on three Danes and the salesman came 210 miles to bring these machines for a one man show to demo. I can't seem to get any other dealers that are closer to demo anything . I thought the danes seemed like a great machine other than the scamper that I tested was kind of different as far as the controls on a walk behind. I am new to the big boy toys and I want to make the right choice the first time. I would like to if possible buy my machines from the guy I have been dealing with that did the dane demo , they also sell other machines as well : Dane, Honda, Bobcat,Ferris,Toro, Cub Cadet Pro, and I think one other. I have also heard alot about the Exmarks on here ? not sure about them
  2. AL Inc

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    TD-I own a Stander and don't know why people favor one over the other. I've said it before- go with the machine from a dealer you know and trust. Someone to stand behind the machine and possibly fix it while you wait. Personally, I have a great dealer and will buy the equipment lines that they sell. I don't look anywhere else. I don't care about saving a few hundred on a machine, I can lose that money in one day if a machine goes down and can't be fixed quickly. Mike
  3. KLMlawn

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    I also, have Wright Standers and have experience with Exmark too. There is a certain element of valididty in what AL Inc. says regarding doing busing with a dealer you are comfortable with, OR at least having a shop close by that you do business with often enough that would drop everything to help you, whether you purchased that particular machine there or not.
    I happen to utilize both of these ideals in that I still look to see who might have the best price and availability on a certain peice of equipment I am looking to buy, but still have a shop that I do business with where the guys are great, if I have a problem, I can usually just pull in and tell them what is wrong, and one of them jumps right on it.
    Personally I have demo-ed a GD and didn't like it, but it also had a vangard motor on it ... so now two reasons I don't like them !!
    I still feel that the Wright is better built and more solid, and with regular maintenance, will last you far longer.
    I think Exmark makes a fine product also, and I would probably have purchased one of their units (either a Turf Tracer HP or a Lazer HP) if trailer space wasn't an issue. Stander's save on trailer space BIG TIME!
  4. Doc Pete

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    From what I've heard there's a big difference in the two machines. It seems it's in the patents for where the wheels/ motor must be located and where you stand. If you look at both machines there are different and as I understand it, one tracks much better on hills, up and down. I'm sure someone here is savy enough to know the answer.
  5. KLMlawn

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    Switchless is correct, there is a difference in their design as per a settlement between Wright and Dane. This topic has been discussed at length in previous threads ... if you do a search on "Wright", you should find much information regarding it as well as the Great Dane. There is even a thread, which I believe Switchless is refering to, were Bill Wright (owner of Wright Manufacturing) responded and set the record straight as to what patent issues were in conflict and their overall result ... Wright won. Wright's design was the original, Dane was a copy and had to change their design ... for better or worse will be up to you to decide. If you want to know which I think is better ... just look below :cool:
  6. Bunton Guy

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    Great Dane standers used to be awesome....then about the time that stander hit the market dane was bought out by John Deere and thats about the time when it hit the shitter.....deere started putting togather the Danes alot cheaper and mocking danes style with a green paint over danes equipment and putting the ones with the Deere sticker on them togather alot tighter and alot better.
  7. Flex-Deck

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    Both good machines, Have a guy in Florida with a Wright Stander and he wants a Flex-Deck because he sees the trimming and flexibility to contour mow. The Dane is a fixed deck when down, where ours floats with terrain to contour mow.

    Also the BIGGEST difference is the dane is lateral and behind the main deck so it can not mow between narrow bushes etc like the Flex-Deck which is on the front corner, and moves straight sideways when turning the machine. - I think the animated trimming moves on my web page shows this www.flex-deck.com

    Thanks, Brad
  8. luv of green

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    well i demoed both on the same properties and i fought the dane on hills the stander climbs like a spider really i am 200 lbs and it is as stable as a sulky just my opinion though
  9. chowe1613

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    from kc area
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    wright is by far the one.it is more user friendly call keen edge ask for tony 1-800-589-4145and get the inside of the best stand up mower.i love it no major break downs and parts are available unlike the dane
  10. Flex-Deck

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    Take a look at my sponsor forum - I have now compiled sequential pictures of the trimming moves the Flex-Deck allows when put on a WB, or a Wright Stander, or a ZTR etc. I have pics of LGF's 52" WB which is now a 70" mower on a thread and Pics of my 36" eXmark Hydro with the Flex-Deck from the BBQ which is now a 54" mower. The trimming moves on the Walk Behinds on these threads are the same wheather on a tractor, ZTR, WB, or Front Mount. We now have signed a reverse exclusive with Dixie Chopper which allows Flex-Deck to sell to any ZTR owners now.

    Thanks, Brad

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