why you need insurance.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnboy82, Jul 19, 2001.

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    ok. this has nothing to do with cutting lawns. however it is something for us all to think about. i saw a friend of mine today. he is my age. just graduated college... his father does this work, landscaping, cutting lawns, plow snow, no trees. well my buddy has a degree in trees or park management. something with arborculture. so he and his father got into a fight. so i dont know who is covering him for liability now. well he told me today that he was workin at his aunt's house a couple days ago. was cutting down a stick (trunk of tree, no branches for those who are not in the know) stick was 35 feet tall. tree was 20 feet from the tree. tree fell at an angle and landed on the house. stick was something like 24 inches in diameter. he got lucky that a guy was driving by and had a friend with a machine. they had to bring the machine over and lift the stick off the house to prevent any more damage from occuring. well right now i dont know what is goin on with the machine, however i know he owes his aunt at least 2K.

    just a reminder to keep that insurance paid up. you guys may not be cutting trees, but just remember that all it takes is a thrown rock through a window, and a person on the other side of that window.
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    Brings up the old addage....People who live in glass houses shalt not throw stones! Oh wait a minute.....you mean the mowers' the thrower, not the glass house person, right?

    HA HA :)
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    would i still be able to walk around naked in a glass house?
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    and those Canadians with naked news?

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