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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Efficiency, Mar 12, 2013.

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    @Springbrook - I don't know what you need for info, but just type one up on a document. Customer's name, phone numbers, property address, billing address, email address, have a list of services that you offer with a space to fill in a price for each one they are interested in, maybe square footage, then some room at the bottom for notes about the customer or job. That's a good start....add more lines as you think of more things you want to gather.

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    Thanks alot. We've got rain this a.m. so I believe I'll start right now. Start simple and it evolves I suppose. Appreciate it.
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    It also depends on how you give your estimates. My estimate sheets are for my records so I can remember what I quoted to who and for what.... and since most of our resi estimates are verbal on the spot, I can fill in the info I need for their file right then.... then I will mail or email them a copy when I get back to the office. If they want a copy of your estimate prices and stuff then I would have a separate sheet that only had your company Letterhead at top and listed services with a line for prices for you to fill in and a maybe a checkmark spot for them to consider. Maybe I made this clear as mud, but you get the idea.
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    For anyone interested in the E-Myth by Michael Gerber, I have read it and own it. It's a very well written book that is tailored to the landscaping business. It is basic though. It helps you understand what you need to start doing to organize your business but it does not give you specifics. But it is essentially about two things. Systems and having other people work for you.

    There is literally an infinite number of ways to run each and every LCO in operation today. Every single business is completely unique. Every owner has different goals for their business. So not one single person can tell another how to organize their business or just hand over Systems to another business and make it work perfectly.

    Let me put it this way. Systems...is the value of your company. If you all have dreams of growing a business for several years and then have it bought up for a cool couple million bucks and then floating away into the Caribbean with a Pina Colada and Penelope Cruz on your arm you think you're going to do that with simply the value of your used, broken down equipment? Oh you have new equipment? Not worth a couple million to anyone looking to buy after they see all your debt on that new equipment. Oh your properties have some value sure...but if you're talking about selling out for seven figures the investor is going to want to know exactly how you keep the customers you have. I don't know how many times Ive seen local companies buy up small operations that have less than 100 accounts and after a year they lose 80% of the new accounts. Partly because they suck at customer service and partly because I didn't know how the old company did their job.

    Everyone that mows yards essentially offers the EXACT SAME SERVICE as the next guy. There are no trade secrets that you can keep from your competitors as how you actually perform the work. Think you trim a yard in a unique way? What about Johnny sitting down the street watching you do it...now he does it. Its the behind the scenes of your business that gives you the true competitive advantage.

    And the only way to add value to this behind the scenes advantage is to have it in written systems or operations manuals. The more detailed the better...as long as it can be read and understood by anyone. Maybe a potential investor...maybe a new employee.

    I have literally hundreds of pages of typed up systems and manual rough drafts. Every idea I ever have for a business I write it down and organize it. And I can tell you that just by having this information at my hand I'm a lot closer to selling my "information" and making lots of money than a lot of other companies out there and I DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY ACCOUNTS.

    I know it's hard to organize and get stuff out of your head but you have to start somewhere. Yellow legal pads are where it was at for me to start. Sit down and just start writing about your business. It doesn't have to be in order. Just brainstorm...just go until you have nothing left. Wait a day then sit down with what you wrote and cut and tear the sentences and bullets and put them in order. Type it out. Save it. Hide it.

    You're off to a great start!

    Wow...too much coffee for me at 8:00pm.

    Happy weekend, ya'll!
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    Thx Tyler. You absolutely nailed it.

    I typed out / detailed my sales process this winter, gave it to my salesman day one in feb and now he's arguably a better salesman than I am. And I absolutely love that fact!
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    This sounds ridiculous, I can look at a lawn and tell how long and how much without over analyzing...
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    Thats Great. But can you convey that to someone else effectively efficienty so they can do it for you?
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    Exactly! I dont always want to be the one out running around. Thats why you need a system
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    The problem with systems is they don't have your personality and sales skills built into them. Any of my guys can price a job, they can't all sell it.
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    Subscribing. I read the EMyth Landscape Contractor this and am reading Green Side Up currently, what Tyler stated is on par and is exactly what every company should be doing to turn their job into a business.

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