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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Efficiency, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Efficiency

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    On what basis are they pricing it? From a formal or from the hip?
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  2. JContracting

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    This is why you use a system to hire sales employees and then use your training system to make them from good sellers to great sellers. Seems to work well for Brickma & Tru-Browm (Green) wouldn't you think?
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  3. zackvbra

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    I have a great system. contact book, paper and digital calendar for scheduling, i carry a notepad and pen with me always in my shirt pocket for customer phone calls and giving estimates, I invoice the customer after im done using a triplicate book, and I send monthly invoices to all customers whether they have a balance or not, just to be thourogh. and when they pay, I go back right then and mark on the invoice PAID.

    Yeah, thats pretty much it.
  4. Mark Oomkes

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    So, OP, did you get the jobs?

    Or, it's just their rock bottom pricing...............
  5. JContracting

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    They obviously have a system to create their pricing strategy which lands them all the properties they have, that's partly why they're the one of the biggest in the country.
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  6. Patriot Services

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    Not big enough to need a salesperson. We offer way too many other services that most of my guys are not familiar enough with to price and sell. I'm not looking to be the thousands of lawns guy.
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  7. snomaha

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    S. Lynch had great article recently that touched on business failures. The gist of the story was that businesses fail for two reasons:

    1. Ignorance - don't know enough.
    2. Ineptitude - failure to follow a proven process.

    The latter accounting for most of the failures. Research showed that utilizing something as simple as a checklist rather then going on gut instinct can be the difference between business success or failure - would you fly on an airplane or have surgery if the the pilot or doctor didn't follow a detailed checklist? I wouldn't.

    "Do any of these themes sound familiar: I trust my gut; I know what I am doing; Process is beneath me; I don’t need a checklist; I feel restricted when I follow a process; My work is too complicated to be reduced to a process."

    Strategy + execution(processes) = results. I will always take a good strategy that can be executed at a 95% rather then a great strategy executed at 50% - the only way to execute that strategy at 95% is to follow processes.
  8. Mark Oomkes

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    Don't get me wrong, systems are necessary and mine are lacking. But to send an untrained individual out to do a bid, especially allegedly worth $1.8M........

    McDonald's is the biggest, are they the best? And they have awesome systems.
  9. snomaha

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    McDonald's is the biggest, are they the best? And they have awesome systems.[/QUOTE]

    They are the best hamburger joint at making lots of money.
  10. inzane

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    one thing i spent alot of time on this week was my lawn treatment bid sheet using an excel worksheet, i measure a property online.. enter the square footage, and round # i can start with for the first treatment. It calculates the price per app and how much it would cost them per year, calculates the cost of the optional services like aeration. I got some "discount" codes in there for really close by stuff and super small yards that i may just want to try harder to get. The way i have it now, my wife who knows nothing about my pricing and various treatments could do a bid by just measuring the lawn online, enter in the sq. footage and start round. and bam. I e-mail or call them back with the quote. many times you can get a street view which gives alot better idea of what your up against. However, i do not know how this will work for mowing jobs and tree trimming. However, I have 3 new mowing accounts to start thursday that i have not seen in person.. checks will be under the door mat. The satellite images were clear and i know how many sq. ft., already being familiar with the neighborhoods i know the terrain isn't very hilly. I'm hoping this cuts down on my fuel usage this year, because i'm tired of driving around doing free estimates. There are to many people out there that just seem to want to waste my time. I'm hoping to build more new business from referrals from existing customers though.

    I could definetly use some time off of lawnsite though.. i'm not as bad as i used to be, to busy anyways. :)

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