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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Efficiency, Mar 12, 2013.

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    when i worked at trugreen, the sales people put in every lawn at 3k square feet just to price low to get a sale. it was a nightmare. I used to push spread 1 acre lawns for like 100 bucks. i don't see how they do it, mabee its different now.

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    With systems you don't hire "lawn guys" to do your quoting. You hire actual sales people. People that know how to close a deal. That have the personality. They don't need to know how to do any of the work they're doing as long as they have a system to accurately bid off of. You give them the system to bid the job. They do the leg work and come up with a price. They sell it to the customer.

    They know answers to questions the clients has because they're read your entire collection of operating manuals. They know what the workers will likely do in certain situations because you've written down what you want every employee to do in that situation.

    The hardest part after getting the systems and operating manuals in place is enforcing them.
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    Systems are part of training an individual. So therefore they wouldn't be untrained. However they should work up to that level account.
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    It was broken into many different sections. We were within a few hundred $ of winning some sections and a few K on others. Im sure we would not have been any more successful if this bidding system was not in place; some of these winning bids are in left field.
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    This is the exact answer that was needed. Systems & operating manuals in place & enforced are what make a business worth money above what their used equipment & "accounts" can sell for. Most lawn/landscape/snow jockeys don't understand this because they don't grasp the true business aspect.
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    I disagree, several of my competitors have gone this route and hasn't worked for them. I truly believe one needs to be "in" the industry in order to be able to sell it. And these competitors are very systemitized, been to PLANET and all the other BS conferences that shows one how to be the biggest in the area, blah, blah, blah.
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    You're right. No salesman that hasn't worked in this business is going to know crap by reading manuals. Manuals don't teach turf types and problems. Manuals can't teach design and plant layout. Manuals can't teach irrigation design and layout. Trugreen is a perfect example. The salesman underbids and underestimates the turf. Who pays? The applicator who is treating twice the turf and weeds the saleman sold. The only person who stands a chance at being a good salesman in this business is one that has been a manager of an LCO. The vast majority of LCO's just don't fall into the range of being able to support a full time sales dept. I am perfectly content doing the sales and design end of things. Too many people dream too big instead of dreaming realistic. The systems I have focus on route efficiency and time management. Product control and equipment maintenance are down to tight systems too.
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