Why you need to buy a Dixie Chopper instead of an Exmark

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawnworks, Nov 11, 2000.

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    I have used both a 60" Exmark and a 60" Dixie Chopper. I now own a Dixie Chopper. I always hear about eXmark owners bragging about their mowers being the best so I am about to tell you why Dixie Choppers really are the best.

    #1 Dixie Choppers look unique. It seems as if almost every commercial mower out there looks like an exmark. DC have a stainless steal look, while eXmarks have a painted candy apple look. Also, a chopper looks like a mower that is ready to cut some grass.

    #2 Home Improvement endorses the mower. Arrrggg! Arrrggg!

    #3 DC have ATV tires that get traction in wet yards. The back two tires do not get stuck in mud. This mower won't leave spin out marks. Only mower capable of mud bogging! :)

    #4 DC have the fastest blade tip speed in the industry. Something you can tell your customers.

    #5 DC makes the fastest mower in the world. The speed of a Chopper is a real eye catcher. I have seen many people looking at me mowing when they need to be looking at the road.

    #5 DC looks like money. They look very expensive. They look like the best money can buy and of course that is because they are. Bottom line, customers will give you more respect and pay more $.

    #6 If you have any questions about DC you can always e-mail Eric ELM who knows just about everything about the machine.

    #7 DC has the Donaldson air filter system which significantly prolongs the life of your engine. The Donaldson air filter system is composed of 3 air filters. Also, DC have two oil filters. One of which removes dirt the size of 1 micron or something like that.

    #8 OCDC

    #9 50 hp Yanmar turbo diesel

    #10 These mowers hold their value very well.

    #11 They are the second most stolen thing in FL

    #12 They have a Cadillac ride. The ride is much smoother than an exmark's ride. Better seat than an exmark.

    #13 DC do not scalp w/ single baldes and don't scalp w/ double blades if you take off the 1/2" spacer.

    #14 The Dixie hydros are much smoother than an Exmark. It is easier to drive a Dixie, and you have a little more control over the wheels.

    #15 DC has a wider wheel base which helps it hold hills better.

    #16 If you live in the south the name Dixie Chopper means that much more to you. :)

    #17 Customers like watching a Chopper cut.

    #18 Choppers are a truly one of a kind. There is no mower like them.

    Choppers are the best!

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    Now all you need is a squad of cheerleaders, each with a letter on there chest spelling out 'D I X I E C H O P P E R' to stand behind you while you resight that on a episode of "the top ten list" on David letterman.

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    Does this mean that Sears Craftsman should not be considered? (just kidding)
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    Yeah, nothing says quality like indoor/outdoor carpet :D
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    With all that being said,let me answer you from my position of owning a DC,but never an Exmark.1st,the stainless steel look is nasty when it isnt spotless,makes it look cheap,mud slings all over the deck,in and around the spindle bearings,every time you hit a muddy spot.Paint quality is terrible,all the stickers,especially the stupid one of the residential lawnmower crossed out are on crocked.The ATV tires tear up turf if you dont go real gentle,If If I revved an exmark to 3800 it would have the same blade tip speed as a DC,but with better spindle bearings the spindles will actually hold up.With tip speed that high,the design of the deck is more important,the Dixie deck has airflow problems,shooting grass out front and all over you.Top speed is not all that there is only 1/2 mph difference between mine and a laser,most flatlanders are burning up hydro motors-so start saving your money if you own one.DC's do not look expensive to me,the seat looks good,other than that,forget it,especially the wiring harness,it is unacceptable for a 10K lawn mower,it looks like something a backyard shop made up when they were pressed for time,all cheap scotchlocks and crimp connectors,not nearly enough ties,spagetti under the seat,for only a few wires,T-taps and other cheap things that belong on the shelf at wal-mart in the do it yourself radio installation section.Eric@ELM does know a lot about them,but that and a quarter will not get it fixed when DC will not return your calls or properly answer your questions and concerns.EXmark is a huge company,Im still waiting since july for a rep to look at my machine-DC just doesnt have the resources to compete with Toro/Exmark,and that is why they are more expensive.Donaldson ,extra cooling and OCDC are awesome,and that is why I bought the DC,I should have looked more closely at the rest of my machine before laying down the green.50Hp diesel is awesome-but way to expensive for average LCO,I dont like the ride,it bucks and bounces like an unsuspended ATV,which it basically is,although an EXmark may be worse since Ive never driven one,I know it wont leave steps in the cut like this does though.My hydro's are a little jerky,I dont how Exmarks are.They do hold there value well.I hate carrying 5 gallon jugs around because DC is to cheap to put a good size set of tanks on it.I do like mine,but do not think it is the best,if it is,i think I need to go into the Commercial mower business,since there is so much room for improvement.Just another view of the Dixie Chopper,I am glad your so thrilled with yours,I hope it serves you well.
  6. Lawnworks wrote:

    >#11 They are the second most stolen thing in FL

    That's why I have old Toro gear drives. I leave them oustide on a open trailer. Haven't lost even one in
    ten years.

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    blade tip speed is federally regulated ,the blades don't go any faster than the other mowers.plus they don't really "CUT" at their fastest speed.kind of lays down the grass.most comfortable seat is on a grasshopper.go try a DYNA- MOW if you can afford it.($18-$20g's) ALL hydraulic(including blade spindles) 40 hp yanmar,joystick control.mows through anything.truly unstoppable.you'll junk that dixie in a second.
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    Stone wrote:
    "That's why I have old Toro gear drives. I leave them oustide on a open trailer. Haven't lost even one in
    ten years."

    And I bet I know where someone could "steal" a slightly used 44" Toro.

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    John… I think it’s interesting that you noted D.C. would not return your calls. As you may recall, I started my lawn business earlier this year. Prior to buying a Z type mower, I e-mailed Eric and others and received noting less than expert opinions and suggestions about D.Cs. and other Z type mowers. Thanks guys!

    At that time, I had narrowed my choices down to either a Toro or a D.C. I called both Toro and the folks at D.C. at their home offices; only Toro called me back. I thought this odd that D.C. would not call me back. I believe that I sent an e-mail to D.C. and I never received a reply. The folks at Toro really went the extra mile to help me to decide which mower to buy.

    At that time, I rationalized that if D.C. would not return my calls to sell me a $9,000.00 mower, they certainly will not call me back if something goes wrong with their product. I bought the Toro. Perhaps I’m wrong in my rationalization.

    I still want a D.C.: my curiosity will never be satisfied until I own one.


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