Why you're wrong to not help with pricing questions.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jonnyz37, Dec 12, 2018.

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    So when I told the local low baller to raise his price. His answer was no one will pay more. I told him what I charge and he said no way. People don't pay that. Well I'm using top end equipment and driving a nice truck. He hauls his homemade trailer and low end equipment around. He fills the gap for the clients I don't want or who can't afford me. I need him around or I would be fielding alot more tire kickers and time wasters. We wikl never get the low ballers out of this industry. But at the same time learn how to use them.
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    How much to plow drives....lol.
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    Just in the location of where you are at makes a huge difference in pricing. Where I live, with the tax rate, cost of living..... I price it at 40 per cut, in New York, same exact property it would be different, in Florida different still. One price doesn't fit all in location alone. The list goes on and on.
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    Or we can get into the regionality of pricing aspect. Cost of living is significantly higher in say New Jersey than in BFE, Oklahoma.

    So if I'm in BFE and ask for pricing help for some guy in Jersey, and he states I should get $100 for a lawn but my competition in BFE is only at $30, I'm pricing myself out of the market.

    Your view is very simplistic and not based in reality.
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    Y'all are going to have to stop pointing out facts.
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    Some of what you say is true.
    But, that being said...
    I do try to help when possible. Problem is 9 times out 10 new ppl come on here asking " how much to mow this lawn"? And they never come back to look at responses anyway.
    Or they never give enough info to help them.
    Or they get mad and argue why their price of $25 per hr is justified.
    These exact same questions get ask day after day after day.

    I agree in your own local it's great to network with local landscape businesses, I do it all the time.
    But most of the (low ballers) as ppl call them have no interest in becoming (high ballers). They don't and won't run with insurance, they mostly do cash deals.
    Those that come on here and actually want to create their business will learn, and biggest thing to learn are your basic numbers.
    By just telling someone. Thats a $55 mow. They won't know why, they'll be back next week asking how much for the next bid.
    They need to learn their own times on mowing xx sqft, trimming xx lin ft. And thier expenses. Not mine.
    Every area does things differently, we don't edge every mow here, no-one does here. That effects price.
    So bottom line, they need to learn their numbers.
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    It seems to me that for every thread about pricing there are a lot of responses explaining how to price. In EVERY SINGLE THREAD about pricing there are at least 5 posts explaining how to price....maybe not sitting in a classroom setting, or inviting them to the shop to teach them things they should have learned before purchasing a mower.....but still really good advice..........

    and for every response that educates the new guy....the new guy then comes up with every excuse why that advice won't work for him. You can only help so often when every response is ignored or is given an excuse why they can't or don't have to price the way we do.

    You make it sound like the new guys are all out there like sponges waiting to soak up all this great information and the established guys are ignoring them or putting them down when the complete opposite is true....THere are established guys here spending their valuable time helping other established guys and the new guys but are being ignored because the new guy already has his answer and no one is repeating it for validation.
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    So basically you're entire post is the "why do you steal from the store" scenario....the truth is you don't steal from the store, but the question is out there and it doesn't matter how honest you are, some people are going to think of you as a thief.

    So yeah, don't berate guys that actually help here day in and day out all year long REGARDLESS of how many people don't listen to the advice by saying they don't help anyone....

    You should have spent that much time on an opening post on telling the new guys how to price, how to listen, how to take notes and stop coming up with excuses why they should listen to the guys that do help...
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    There must be over 100 pricing threads just in the last few years... use the search feature and read.
    That’s what search engines are for.

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