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    Why is it that I can't find an irrigation contractor willing to help me develop my knowledge in this field? I have a good amount of background in the agronomic side of the business, but not much irrigation. I currently have a full time job and want to work in irrigation on my days off. What would you guys do if you were approached with this? Any help is appreciated. :confused: :hammerhead:
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    The biggest problem that is preventing you from finding the help you are looking for is the fact that most contractors are not interested in training potential competition. many contractors are a little gunshy because many of them have had a good technician work for them for a length of time then take off and start up their own company. Oftentimes competing with them for the business.

    It is going to be tough to find a local contractor that is willing to take you under his wing.

    Check with the local supply houses for training classes. Put in a system for your family and friends. You may have to do those at cost, but any good education is going to cost you something.

    Good Luck
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    Well have you offered a contractor any money ? My time is valuable , My spare time is even more valuable. If someone wanted me to share 23 years of experience in the irrigation business , showing them tricks of the trade , they would be paying for the education .
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    Like they said. Just what are you bringing to the table, besides a desire to compete for their customers? Even paying for the on-the-job training may be difficult, as there are insurance considerations. If you were willing to work full time, it would be another matter.
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    Just curious, whats your full time job? Its that bad that you would want to dig holes and play with mud on your days off?

    Find a hobby.

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    There's always weekend brain surgery :p
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    I believe that I might have found someone to work with........will meet with him on Monday. I have been in a sales position withing the agronomic/horticultural industry for the last three years. I would like to get back outdoors.

    Told the guy that he would not have to pay me.:confused:
    I told him that when I feel that my experience is enough to get my license, if he could oversee my first couple of jobs that would be my payment. I am not interested in stealing anyone's business. I am positive that I can earn my own.
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    There are tons of brain surgeon/irrigation techs on this site...eh boots? I remember once a diatribe that I wrote about brain surgeons....I'm gonna go look for it see if it still cracks me up....
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