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    First let me formally introduce myself. Name is Chris and lurked on these boards for several years now. Did some irrigation work for the company I currently work for one summer while in school. Finished school and came back working for them doing landscape enhancement work. Irrigation guy really wanted me back so a few weeks ago I went back to work for him as a tech, and here I am.

    I am in the process of starting systems up on my properties (all commercial and a few apartment complexes) and between three properties yesterday I had 150 toro 570's that would not retract. I had forgotten about their tendency to do that. Why cant they have a good seal like the Rainbirds? Really pisses me off.

    Another place today had a 20 zone system and I didnt have a zone description; not one zone was anywhere close to the previous zone. Had me running around like an idiot looking for zones.

    Looks like its going to be a great Spring:dizzy:
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    Hi Chris. Hope you had a remote with you.

    Sounds like you might want to re-sequence and map the zones, especially if you can find a way to get the client to pay for your time to do it.

    Maintenance company I worked for once upon a time used to use colored in laminated zone maps along with their remotes. They would file these away as proprietary information, so that even if they lost the job they would still have the info if they got a chance to bid it again, and not give their competitors an advantage by leaving it there.
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    Well unfortunetly the clock didnt have a remote connection wired up and I didnt have my cable with alligator clips in the truck for some reason, so that made it even more of a PITA. I do planon asking if I can switch all the zones around in the clock.

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