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    I want to know why when my local dealer orders a part for my dane 2 weeks later, a month later, sometimes close to two months later its still not in. You "reps" tell us not to which to Wright Stander, tell us your still the best, and that nothing has changed since John Deere took over. Yet I can't seem to get a deck belt, or a damn spindle in under a month, whats the deal with with that??? If you guys what to stay competetive I suggest that you pull your stuff together and try to serve the customers that you already have not just the potential ones.

    Just my thinking....and not mine alone.
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    Epic Lawn Care,
    Without more specific information like your name, model and serial number of machine, it is impossible to find out what happened to your parts order. Since I do not have that information I will not speculate on what happened. If you can get me ALL the details I will certainly look into your particular issue.

    Our exisiting customers are just as important as our potential customers; we understand when your machine is down, you are not making any money, our goal is to give great service to everyone. Currently, our fill rate is at 94%.

    Thanks for your email.

    Bill Baltzer

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